Weather-Proofing Your Tipis

If you already own Tipis or are thinking about adding Tipis to your business, but are worried about limited use due to the unpredictable weather – then fear not! We are extremely proud to have designed a product that ensures you can continue to use your Tipis, whatever the weather throws at you!

Weatherproofing Kit in the centre of 1 Big Hat



Historically, the only way you can weather-proof your tipis during wet & windy weather, is by removing the lifter beam sections and closing all the sides down. As a result, entry would then be via a zip on the side of the Big Hat canvas. We at The Tipi Company felt like this posed two problems:

  • During a summer event, a completely closed down tipi setup can feel claustrophobic with no natural daylight inside the formation
  • Rain water will drip directly into the tipi formation from the open zip located on the Big Hat canvas, which needs to be used by guests as an entry / exit to the formation

Therefore, our Technical Director and his Innovation Team set about designing the perfect Weatherproofing Kit that is not only practical but looks amazing too. Crafted from the same water-resistant Professional-Grade canvas fabric as our tipis, our range of Weatherproofing Kits were born!


If you want to completely weather-proof your Tipis for a wet and windy event, then one of our Weatherproofing Kits is exactly what you need. Our Weatherproofing Kit can be placed in the centre of all Big Hat configurations, with the help of our Concertina Panel – a versatile “one-fits-all” Blanking Panel, designed to fit the varying Tipi setups. The Weatherproofing Kit consists of an Entrance Tunnel that includes a zip-close Canvas Door Panel to create privacy either before or after an event and Clearview Blanking Panels that allows for lots of extra light to enter the tipis. All that is required is that you lift the front of the Tipi, fit the Entrance Tunnel and then slot the Blanking Panels (side panels) into place and tension them to the main structure (poles). This creates a neat finish, that allows you and your guests to enjoy the surrounding views from the comfort of the Tipi, whilst remaining warm and dry!

Weatherproofing Kit in the centre of 1 Big Hat


Weatherproofing Kit in the centre of 2 Big Hats

Photo courtesy of Big Chief Tipis


We have also designed a much larger Weatherproofing Kit that fits into the front of three tipis when they are built in a line. Please get in touch with our Sales Team for further information.

Weatherproofing Kit in the centre of 3 Big Hats




View our Accessories Brochure for more information regarding our Weatherproofing Kit. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Team on 01204 860 738 or send an email to