Here at The Tipi Company, we are known for raising the bar with our products, so with that in mind and the glamping industry growing at a rapid rate, we saw an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands!

After many years of research and development, we have worked hard to produce a glamping teepee that not only looks stunning, but a structure that is physically strong too – something that stands the test of time and unpredictable weather. Since launching our British-made tipis, the smallest tipi in our range – Baby Tipi – has proven a huge success within the glamping market.

Baby Tipi – £5900 +VAT


Measuring 6.5m in diameter, the Baby Tipi is perfect for glamping sites, stately homes or venues who are looking to add accommodation to their offering. It can be used as a standalone accommodation space, or interlinked to another Baby Tipi using our Link Tunnel. The tunnel creates a 2.5m space between the two tipis, which you can then drape a hessian curtain at one end for privacy.


Designed specifically for the glamping industry is our Baby Tipi Entrance Porch, which creates a stunning yet practical entrance for your guests. Fitted into the front zip of the tipi, the Entrance Porch stops the rain from dripping directly into the tipi – meaning your guests are protected from the outside elements during their stay!

Baby Tipi Entrance Porch – £795 +VAT



As your tipi will be a permanent installation for accommodation purposes, we would highly recommend that all of our glamping clients build a nonagon shaped raised wooden decking before installing the tipi. The raised wooden decking will give that all-important gap between the ground outside and the floor inside of the tipi – meaning it can be left up all year round, without any major concerns when the weather takes a turn for the worse (i.e. rain!). Our Sales & Operations Team can provide you with detailed drawings, templates and instructions to ensure your raised wooden decking is a success. Once the decking is installed, the tipi can then easily be erected and secured to the decking.



Photo courtesy of Paultons Campsite



All of our glamping Baby Tipis come complete with two clearview windows at either side of the primary entrance. The clearview windows not only allow you to enjoy the surrounding views from the comfort of the tipi, but they also allow for lots of extra natural light into the tipi! Many of our glamping clients also choose to add fairy lights, wrapping them around the main poles of the structure. Another great addition to the glamping Baby Tipi is a lighting feature that hangs off the Entrance Porch framework, adding an extra element of luxury, whilst keeping the tipi well lit at night time.

Please note – the window outline is now the same colour as the tipi canvas




A great addition to our glamping tipis is an enclosed heater with a flue attachment, to ensure your guests are kept warm during their stay. If you choose to add an enclosed heater, then you will need a flue adapter, which attaches to top of the main structure using our top crown adapter. This allows any smoke to easily vacate the tipi via the twin-walled flue. Another positive to adding an enclosed heater with a flue attachment is that the smoke hood does not need to be opened when the fire is lit, making this particular heater perfect for use regardless of the weather outside.




Some of the many questions we are asked include “How long will my tipis last?” & “How do I maintain and clean my tipis?”. In answer to this, it is largely dependent on how well you look after your tipis.

The flame retardancy of the canvas has a lifetime guarantee and the tipis will remain weather and water resistant, as long as you take care of your canvas and conduct regular checks to ensure any rips or stains are dealt with as soon as possible. All products purchased from The Tipi Company have a 1-year materials and manufacturing warranty. However, if any snags or rips do occur outside of the 1-year warranty, then we have an in-house Repairs Service, where the same staff who make your tipis also repair them right here in Bolton, Lancashire.

The colour of the canvas compared to a white marquee means that regular cleaning is not necessary as dirt does not show up on it. However, we do advise all clients to conduct regular checks of their canvas to ensure that any dirt or marks that do appear are dealt with as soon as possible.

If you are interested in purchasing one of luxury Baby Tipis for your glamping site and would like to arrange a viewing of one of our glamping tipis at our HQ in Bolton, please call a member of our Sales Team:

01204 860 738