Introducing Anevay stoves

Here at The Tipi Company, we are always thinking of ideas about how to enhance our product range to help our customer’s achieve their goals. Over the past few months, a lot of our Glamping customers have voiced their interest in installing a stove into our tipis, with a flue used for smoke extraction. This got us thinking. We believe that you should do what you are the best at. We are the very best at making tipis and as a result, we wanted to find the best company who make the best stoves for use inside a temporary structure, such as our tipis.


Coincidentally we stumbled across an incredible brand called Anevay stoves, who are just that. Anevay have been making stoves since 2003, when their first Stove was designed for the humanitarian aid world. They have since sent 15,000 stoves out to disaster zones. With it’s long flue and closed firebox, the Frontier was built to combat the respiratory problems that arise from cooking on open fires, and allow those in fuel-scarce areas to cook and heat their homes efficiently. This design brief remains part of Anevay’s philosophy today; each one of their stoves is built to last, and stand up to the most extreme of adventures – as well as green, fuel-efficient and easy to use. The company now makes a range of stoves for unique spaces and off-grid living: yurts, vans, tree houses, shepherd’s huts and now, tipis! Anevay are all about encouraging people to spend more time outdoors – even when it’s cold out – and recently completed a project with the YHA (Youth Hostel Association), allowing them to offer bell tent accommodation right through early spring and autumn.  The Anevay range covers all aspects of outdoor life: from their lightweight rocket stove, the Horizon Stove, to their 5kW woodburner for heating and cooking in big tents, however their Made In Cornwall Range is perfect for our tipis.

Fintan Stove

Their Made In Cornwall range are all made by their Anevay expert fabricators on their yard in Cornwall.  These stoves are the best option for permanent or semi-permanent installation, and with a thicker body material are really built to last (the other, more portable stoves are made of a lighter body material so they can be easily carried).

Heating your Baby Tipi – Fintan stove

For our Baby Tipis, the recommended stove is the Fintan, RRP £899. It is CE-approved and DEFRA exempt, so its ok to burn in smoke-controlled zones like London. It has removable warming places, an ash drawer and riddle plate, meaning you can burn other solid fuels – however it is recommended that timber and eco-fuel be used only.  It has a flue that goes directly upwards from the top of the stove, through the side of the canvas. Anevay has a very easy-to-follow video on how you can do this yourself, but they are incredibly helpful if you are stuck and need some extra advice on how to do so. At the Glamping Show this weekend, we will be filming the installation of one of these stoves into our tipis, so stay tuned for the video…

Fintan Stove

Fintan Stove

Heating your Big Hat – Tuna stove

For our Big Hats, the biggest stove in the Anevay range, the Tana stove, is perfect. RRP £1199.  Designed for bigger spaces, large tipis and living rooms, it has plenty of space on top for cooking  and a really big glass door so you get the full effect of watching the flames flicker, creating a homely feel inside the tipi. The extra benefit of the door is that you can load large logs into it easier too.

Fintan Stove


If you are interested in viewing one of our luxury Baby Tipis perfect for glamping and camping sites, accompanied by the Fintan stove from Anevay, then make sure you visit us at this year’s The Glamping Show, Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd September at Stoneleigh Park. We will be showcasing our Baby Tipi at Stand 0SA7, which will be dressed in stunning decor and additional Accessories perfect for the glamping industry! If it’s our Big Hats that you are interested in, then make sure you visit the Catering Area at the show where we will have one built for you to enjoy your food and drink inside.

If you’d like to book a 1-2-1 appointment with a member of our Sales Team, or have any other questions about our British-made products, then please do get in touch:

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