Add a Unique Expansion On To Your Restaurant or Bar

For many bars and restaurants throughout the UK, outdoor space is a must – but how best to utilise the space is a question asked by many. Throughout the year, bars and restaurants will welcome visitors in their thousands, depending on special events and occasions, with the festive season being one of the busiest periods of the year for the hospitality industry.

Here at The Tipi Company, we have a range of outdoor structures for food and drink venues who are looking to expand their offering. Our large event teepees are visually stunning and physically strong, made from a high-class weatherproof and water resistant canvas material. So if you’re looking for a unique structure and wondering why a Tipi Company tipi is the answer, then have a read of the below…

Let customers stay in the great outdoors even when the weather is a little… British!

As the winter weather sets in, temperatures can drop and rain will start to fall, but some people still can’t resist sharing drinks, socialising and eating in the great outdoors! By adding a tipi to your venue, you instantly have a wonderful, unique space for your guests to gather outside. With the help of our popular Panoramic Weatherproofing Kit, you and your guests can take in the surrounding views and watch the winter weather unfold from the comfort and warmth of a tipi – whilst remaining warm, dry and protected from the elements outside!

Photo courtesy of Big Chief Tipis

Big Hats Interlinked

To ensure your guests are kept cosy during their visit, then we would recommend adding an indirect fan heater, fire pit or stove – creating the ultimate winter wonderland atmosphere. Take a look at the amazing selection of stoves from our friends over at Anevay Stoves – they have a stunning selection of stoves that are perfect for our teepees… and they’re super easy to install!

Add a unique entrance to your tipi setup

The great thing about our tipis and product range is that we don’t just stop at the structure. We have worked extremely hard to design and develop a range of additional accessories that enable you to use the tipis all year round, no matter what the weather throws at you!

With our range of Entrances and Weatherproofing Kits, you can continue to host parties well into the wet, windy and cold months. Whether it be a porch, tunnel or wooden doors, an entrance will add an extra element of luxury whilst keeping your guests warm and dry. You can even add decorations to the edge of the entrance i.e. fairy lights and flower garlands.


Create a festive environment

The beauty of our tipis is that their look and design can fit in perfectly with annual events, such as Christmas and New Year. The strong wooden poles can be decorated with fairy lights, holly and you can even hang decorations and lighting features from the timber ring beam – mistletoe may be a hit with your guests!

Outdoor Bar in a Tipi


With the help of our Panoramic Window Kits, you can create additional floor space and headroom for a bar / catering area or even a DJ booth. Allowing you to host private events within the tipi, without the need to go outside or transport food and drinks from your normal venue.

Panoramic Window Kit

If you’re looking for that something extra special to add to your venue, then you can’t go wrong with our large events tipis. Made from weatherproof, water resistant canvas material and durable wood sourced from Northern Scandinavia, the tipis will create a warm environment that will wow your guests and get your competitors talking.

Feel free to download a copy of our Accessories Brochure, which includes all products manufactured in our factories in Bolton, Lancashire, including our popular Weatherproofing Kit and Catering Tents. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with a member of our Sales Team…

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