Expanding your Business – Marquee vs Tipi

If you’re planning on expanding your outdoor event space, you may be asking yourself the question – Tipi or Marquee? Both offer a base for a variety of outdoor functions and events. However, one of them is much easier to market, can you guess which one? – psst.. It’s not the marquee! So, why is a Tipi better than a Marquee? It’s time to find out.

Tipis Are Simply Better to Look At Than Marquees

We hate to be biased, but our tipis have an undeniable charm thanks to the unique design, colour and strong, rustic wooden poles. They’re simply better to look at than marquees, and if you’re going to offer an event or outdoor space, you’re probably going to want it to look as impressive as possible. With the help of our range of Accessories, you can create an amazing outdoor event space that will wow your clients and blow your competitors away.

Teepee Wedding Venue

Tipi Wedding Venue Ideas

You Need to Think About Strength and Durability

When you’re making the decision to invest in an outdoor structure your number one priority should always be strength and durability. Both points are extremely important when it comes down to deciding what type of structure you want to invest in. Our Tipis are made from the very best materials, with the wooden poles that form the structure sourced from Northern Scandinavian forest, where they have been growing for over 80 years. Each metal fixture and fitting is made in-house to the highest quality possible to ensure we have full control over each element of the structure and because of this we have Computational Fluid Dynamics that prove we have the strongest tipis in the wind! So rest assured, if you invest in a Tipi from The Tipi Company, you’ll have the best product on the market.

Windloadings Icon

Tipis Offer Flexibility Whilst Being Protected From the Weather

Each of our tipis can be interlinked to create a venue that can accommodate for any number of guests. Meaning you can add on extra tipis to the formation as your business expands to accommodate extra guests, making our tipis perfect for a wide range of events and occasions.

Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, festival, birthday party or catering venue, you can create a breath-taking, weatherproof and water resistant event space within the great outdoors – perfect for the unpredictable British weather we’ve been experiencing this year.

Tipis were originally designed to protect inhabitants from the wind. That just goes to show how good they are at protecting people from the elements. With the help of our popular Weatherproofing Kits, you can protect your clients and guests from the outside elements as the kit comes complete with Clearview Window panels and Entrance Tunnel which has a zipped canvas door.

Tipis with Weatherproofing Kit
If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor venue space that compliments your current offering and adds additional revenue, then our tipis are just what you’re looking for. For further information, please take a look at our Accessories Brochure or get in touch with our dedicated Team to discuss your ideas, plans and requirements.

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