Meet our Made in Britain Tipi range

Tipis were originally used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains of America for hundreds of years and essentially, these teepees were all of a very similar nature and design, and could be disassembled and packed away quickly when a tribe needed to move on. The original teepees were a simple conical structure with adjustable smoke flaps and multiple poles complete with a detachable buffalo skin cover and door.

Traditional Tipi

It is these very structures that we fell in love with and what encouraged us to begin our journey designing and manufacturing the range of Tipis we have today. After many years of research and development, we successfully launched the only Made in Britain giant event Tipis. From the very outset we knew we wanted to be the best around and raise the bar on what was currently available on the market, with the help of recent technologies and our expert, experienced skilled workers. After all, our motto is ‘Taking Tipi Design Into the 21st Century’, and we definitely think we’ve lived up to that!

If you’ve not had a chance to experience our teepees or have been wondering what our range consists of we’ve put together a short post about each of the different Tipis we offer here at The Tipi Company.

Big Hat Tipis

Little Hat

Starting with one of our newer products – Little Hat – which has proven a huge success since its launch. Measuring 7m in diameter, this stunning canopy-like structure is perfect for a range of events and services. From outdoor catering spaces to chillout areas at weddings, sheltered play areas for nurseries, and outdoor seating areas at bars & restaurants, the Little Hat is a versatile structure that offers a quirky outdoor event space for a range of businesses and events.

Little Hat – £1970 +VAT

Little Hat

What’s great about our Little Hat is the option to add sides, perfect for outdoor food vendors with converted trailers. You can back your vehicle into the gap between the panels and serve food to your clients without the need to go inside or to a different location. The sides offer protection for you and your clients from the outdoor elements without being fully enclosed.

Set of 2 Little Hat canvas sides – £450 +VAT

Little Hat with Sides

Little Hat inside

Baby Tipi

Next we have our Baby Tipi – the smallest of our range – measuring 6.5m in diameter. Our Baby Tipi has proven a huge success within glamping industry right across the world. We have gone from strength to strength with this product as it offers a cosy, unique accommodation space that everyone loves. You can choose to add a Entrance Porch to your Baby Tipi to create a welcoming entrance for your guests, whilst keeping the warmth inside the tipi.

Not only is the Baby Tipi perfect for glamping accommodation, but our Tipi Installation Team have installed many Baby Tipis in nurseries, schools and after school clubs such as Scouts, right throughout the UK, providing teachers and their class with a safe, weatherproof learning environment in the great outdoors.

Baby Tipi – £5900 + VAT 
Baby Tipi Entrance Porch – £795 +VAT

Baby Tipi with Porch

Midi Tipi

Our Midi Tipi measures 8.4m in diameter and is only two metres smaller than our Big Hat, making our Midi Tipi ideal for those with limited space. Our Midi Tipi can be interlinked to all of our other tipis and is the perfect event space for an outdoor chillout lounge at a bar, outdoor classroom for older ages or a catering space at a festival. What’s great about our Midi Tipi is you can easily roll up the side opposite the doorway to create an opening 1.8m high and 4m wide, so that your guests can enjoy the views of the great outdoors from the comfort of the teepee. You can also add an Entrance Porch with a plain canvas zip door or rustic Wooden Doors, both creating a more dramatic, secure entrance way.

Midi Tipi – £7900 +VAT

Midi Tipi

Big Hat

The Big Hat is the largest structure we offer measuring 10.3m in diameter. Our Big Hat can be used as a standalone structure or interlinked to another Big Hat or any of our other sized tipis. The Big Hat gets its name from the ability to raise and lower the brim of the structure, just like a hat. You can have the Big Hat raised all the way round or just at the front or side if you are wanting to link to another tipi to create a larger event space. Our Big Hats have proven a huge hit within the outdoor event industry for providing stunning wedding reception spaces, private parties, festivals, cafes and outdoor bars – the sky really is the limit with our Big Hat. And what’s great about our Big Hat is if you’re looking to use the tipis all year round you can add one of our Weatherproofing Kits to the centre of 1, 2 or 3 Big Hat configurations to keep the unpredictable weather out and protect your guests as they enjoy your event space.

Big Hat – £9900 +VAT

Big Hats interlinked with Weatherproofing Kit

If you’d like to know more about our Tipi range or have any questions, please do get in touch with our Sales & Design Team. Alternatively, we’d love to welcome you to our HQ in Bolton, Lancashire, for a guided tour of our facilities and permanent Tipi Showroom.

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