Our Favourite Accessories to Add to Your Tipi

Tipis provide a flexible, outdoor multi-purpose structure to benefit a wide range of businesses, from hosting events such as weddings, to providing luxury glamping accommodation.

As well as supplying the strongest tipis with easy-to-maintain canvas, The Tipi Company also offers a number of great accessories that add even more features that enhance the tipi. These are our favourite accessories that you might consider when you buy a tipi from The Tipi Company:

Panoramic Window Kit

A panoramic window kit ensures that your tipi provides the best of both worlds; a weatherproof shelter where you can still enjoy scenic views and benefit from natural daylight for daytime events. Another benefit of installing a panoramic window kit is that they can give extra head room for a stage or bar.

wooden entrance

Wooden Entrance Doors

Wooden entrance doors can be fitted to your tipi which will give guests protection from the rain and wind, as opposed to having an open front to your tipi. The doors also help to keep heat in the tipi, which will be very welcome in colder months. Wooden doors also make the structure look grander, while keeping in fitting with the traditional tipi design. The wooden entrance doors are ideal for hosting events throughout winter when the weather is more likely to be cold and wet.

Entrance Porch

The entrance porch is another popular accessory for our tipis, providing a more formal entrance to your tipi. The entrance porch is a great choice when using tipis for events such as weddings and parties, giving guests an easy way to enter the tipi and a sheltered entrance is better if people are queuing to get into the tipi to see the seating plan, for example.

Clearview PVC Panel Inserts

An alternative to the panoramic window kit is having clearview PVC panel inserts, which also give you the benefits of being able to enjoy the surrounding views outside the tipi and increase the amount of the natural daylight coming into the tipi, where a panoramic window is not suitable.

Hardstanding Kit

Our tipis can be erected on most types of surfaces, due to expertly designed accessories such as our hardstanding kit. If you are erecting your tipi in an area where the ground is solid, the hardstanding kit can enable safe, sturdy assembly.

We can assess your possible surface options to identify the safest solution for assembly and design a bespoke hardstanding kit to suit your needs, if necessary. The tipi formation may require a ballast system if there are drilling restrictions, so you can arrange a site visit and we will be able to provide you with the best assembly options for your available outdoor space.

We have lots of different accessories to help you to get even more out of your tipi. Download the Buyer’s Guide to find out about more accessories and additional details and benefits of each accessory.

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