Our Scandinavian Poles

Immensely strong yet very manageable, the strong wooden poles used for the construction of our tipis have been sourced from North Scandinavian forests. This makes the wood late maturing and of world-class quality. The timbers are chosen in the forests for their straightness and represent the best specimens found in North Scandinavian. The poles, which are over 80 years old, are de-barked spruce, and are light but very strong and rot-resistant. This makes them ideal for outdoor structures. Due to these qualities of the wood, the tipis are more stable than marquees in high winds. This is because they have huge load-bearing strength and can be erected on all types of soft and hard surfaces.


All of our poles have been treated with the latest generation wood preservative. The preservative has a unique copper and organic biocide formulation, allowing treated timbers to be used where special environmental concerns or restrictions exist.

All fixtures and fittings are attached to the poles prior to delivery of your order.