As an established and professional manufacturer of giant tipis, we have full structural calculations to determine the safe wind conditions in which our tipis will operate.

In order to compute the aerodynamic loads acting on the various configurations, advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling has been employed, by a firm of professional structural engineers, to provide the most accurate assessment of loads possible. We are the only tipi manufacturer in the world to have used this sophisticated method, which has proven that our tipis are the strongest in the world.


When you invest in tipis from The Tipi Company, you invest in proven quality and strength. Our tipis are installed in locations where weather conditions can be extreme and incredibly windy. We have tried and tested the strength of our tipis in these locations, making design adjustments where necessary to ensure safety throughout. We manufacture the strongest tipis in the world, which is proven by our CFD modelling and FEA Analysis. Once you have invested in our tipis, you can proudly display the ‘Strongest In the Wind’ icon across your marketing collateral.


Download our Windloadings infographic for more information about CFD modelling and our Made in Britain teepees.

Safe Wind Loads for The Tipi Company Event Tipis

Given the sensitivity of these structures to changing wind conditions and the potential hazard to occupants, it is recommended that each unit should include a wind speed sensor and alarm to alert users to a developing hazardous condition. It is also recommended that all operators put in place evacuation procedures in the event that the wind develops during an event to unsafe levels. Once you become a client of The Tipi Company, you will have the TTC Wind Management plan document to use to guide you.

Windloadings Summary Table