3 Ways To Light Up Your Tipi

What sets a tipi apart from all other temporary structures on the market? We think its the warm glow as the sun sets, the twinkly lights as guests gather on the dancefloor and the endless possibilities of transforming it into a unique outdoor events space, totally personable for every client. Whether your tipis are used as a wedding venue, party space or drinks reception area, the addition of various lighting options will elevate it to the next level.

Light up tipi

Tipis are stunning just as they are but adding a variety of lighting options to the space will add the wow factor to elevate your business above your competitors. Here are three ways in which you could light up your outdoor structure with ease:

  • Fairy lights
  • Uplighters
  • Mirror ball

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are the most popular and transformative lighting option to use in our tipis. The design of our tipis lend themselves to maximum strings of fairy lights, with nine main poles that can each be wrapped in 10m-length fairy light strings, thus creating a magical lighting effect. They look fantastic during the day but transform the tipi into another world at night.

To create the best fairy light tent decoration, you’ll need to purchase a central connection wire that attaches to the Top Crown of the tipi using cable ties. Nine strings of outdoor fairy lights will then need to be plugged into this connector. The Tipi Company recommends you purchase 10m length fairy lights in a warm glow, along with a starter cable for each Big Hat Tipi you own.

Top tip: Connect the central connection ring and adjoining nine fairy lights to the Top Crown during construction of the tipis, while the main poles are on the floor. This will reduce the amount of time required to work at height.

fairy light tent


Another popular lighting option you see in many tipi photographs is wired uplighters. This particular decorative light can be positioned at ground level or attached to the tipi’s purlin beams to create an impressive array of colours and lighting.

For maximum impact, we recommend using three uplights per Big Hat tipi to create an impressive array of colours. Companies such as Essential Supplies have a range of uplighters available and have recently launched a sleek silver uplighter which we showcased in our tipis at the Showman’s Show.

Mirror ball

If your business is using a light up tipi for dancing and partying purposes then a mirror ball could be ideal for creating a dance floor effect. Hanging a mirror ball with a safety wire, from the top of the central crown allows you to reflect any lights off it with ease, creating a magical display.

Three spot lights will need to be affixed from the purlin beams and pointed upwards towards the central mirror ball. Using these spotlights will ensure the mirror ball transforms the dance floor into another world as your guests dance the night away.

Disco ball

Other lighting options

In terms of other lighting options and features available to light up a tipi, we see many of our tipi hire business clients choosing to make their own centrepiece lighting features.

Our tipi tents for sale are often decorated with Homemade Edison lightbulb trays hanging from a wooden box frame or ladder. These have proven to be a huge success amongst our clients, and it allows the end client to dress them with extra foliage should they wish to do so for their event.

Edison Lightbulb Tray

Light up tipis at The Tipi Company

If you’re a business that has outdoor space that you’d like to take advantage of, you should check out our tipi tents. For any outdoor events and ideas, The Tipi Company has you covered!

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