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Here you can log any repairs that you need completing.

We pride ourselves on offering an honest and fairly priced Repairs Service that is completed inhouse by the same team of seamstresses who make your tipi canvas – so that we can guarantee quality of workmanship throughout.

Please note that we can only complete work on canvas materials that have been manufactured and purchased by The Tipi Company.

We can not complete repairs on woodwork. If you have any woodwork that has been damaged then you will need to purchase a replacement. This is due to the fact that we don’t know and can’t see the impact of damage inside a piece of woodwork and therefore, after damage, can no longer trust its structural integrity. Please refer to our Spares & Repairs Price List for guidance on how much these replacements would cost.

We ask that you clearly identify where the damage is on your canvas.

To do this, please affix a cable tie with label, or red tape to the D-ring (on the mudwall) that is the closest to the damage before sending it to us.

If our team can not easily identify where the damage is, they will need to inspect the whole canvas.

Due to the size of the canvas, this Inspection Process often takes 3-4hrs to complete. We charge £45+VAT per hour for labour, so please try your best to flag where the damage is so we don’t have to do so. If you are personally delivering the item to us at HQ, you can always point out the damage to our seamstresses directly, which will save you the Inspection Fee.


Please fill in the details of your repair below.

Once we have received your submitted Repairs Form we will contact you to discuss your repair and associated costs, before commencing any work.

Spares & Repairs pricing

Please see our Spares & Repairs Price List below for a thorough list of items that can be submitted for repair or can be replaced, and their associated costs.

Please note that labour is charged in addition to the prices listed i.e. the prices are for the replacement items only. Once you have informed us of the items that need replacing or repairing, we will contact you to discuss cost of labour for completing the work.
  • Labour is charged at £45 per hour (ex VAT) + any consumables / canvas parts required to complete the repair.
  • Inspection of the canvas can take approximately 3/4 hours if not clearly indicated where the damage is.
  • If our seamstresses have to carry out an Inspection of the canvas to identify the damaged areas, this will be charged at £45ph + VAT, totalling up to £180 + VAT.
  • If you have torn your Main Canvas and the damage is too large to repair, you will need to pay to replace the affected panel.
  • The cost of a Replacement Big Hat Canvas Panel is either £650 (without zip) or £750 (with zip) + VAT + Labour

If you are posting your damaged goods to us, please send to:

Stacey Hardy

The Tipi Company

Repairs Department

Unit 1 Jubilee Works

Vale Street