Historically, the event tipis you see on the market today can only be accessed two ways – either via the zip on the side, or by lifting the brim of the tipi. However, this poses a huge problem when the weather is rainy, windy or snowy – particularly during winter.

As a result, we have designed a range of entrance ways that not only make the entry into and out of the tipis more practical, but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Entrance Porch

Designed to fit into both the Big Hat and the Midi tipi, our Entrance Porch is a great addition to any winter event, while it also serves its purpose for a better access to and from the tipi when a catering tent is attached. Hand-made wooden doors can also be added to keep the chill out.


Baby Tipi Entrance Porch

Our Baby Tipi Entrance Porch is the perfect addition to our Baby Tipi to really help set the scene and create a luxurious entry way into your glamping space.


Entrance Tunnel

For a grander entry into the tipi, our Entrance Tunnels create the extra wow-factor. Constructed using the same durable materials as our tipis, the Entrance Tunnel can either be added into one tipi in the formation – perfect if you are working with a restricted space – or it can be inserted into the centre of the formation. With the canvas side sheets and blanking panels, the entrance tunnel means more warmth and less draught and are easy to zip up and down for times when the weather is fine.