4.5m x 3.0m Catering Tent

For aspiring tipi hire companies who plan on hiring out their fleet of tipis for weddings and large scale events, one element you mustn’t overlook is the catering tent. Once you have spent the time and energy erecting the tipis and your client has spent a lot of money creating their dream event, the last thing you (and they!) want to see is a big white catering tent attached. We have designed a 4.5m x 3.0m tent, constructed from an easy pop-up modular system made of aluminium, that can easily be linked together to create a larger catering tent. The structure is wrapped in a lighter weight version of our tipi canvas, while retaining the exact same colour – with this we can ensure the same high-level qualities of use, and it also blends in to the formation of the teepees.


6m x 6m Catering Tent

We have also designed a larger Catering Tent, measuring 6m x 6m, which is an extremely sturdy box section aluminium marquee, covered in the same durable fabric as the tipis. The larger Catering Tent is ideal for long-term installs, during the winter period.


We recommend using an Entrance Porch on the side of the tipi so that the catering tent can be pulled up close to the formation without the need to go outside.