Weatherproofing Kit

If you want to completely weather-proof your tipis for a winter, windy or wet event, one of our Weatherproofing Kits is just what you need. It can be placed in the centre of one, two or three Big Hat configurations and consists of a number of our Accessories.

All Weatherproofing Kits come with Clearview Blanking Panels as standard, but if you would prefer them in the plain tipi canvas, please get in touch. The only different between each size of configuration is the size of the Blanking Panel required to fit the kit into the tipis.

*Our Weatherproofing Kit is compatible with all other Tipi Manufacturers products.

1-Tipi Weatherproofing Kit

The Tipi Company - 3 Big Hats in a triangle

2- Tipi Weatherproofing Kit

Weatherproofing Kit

3-Tipi Weatherproofing Kit

Weatherproofing Kit in three Bi