Midi Tipi

Our medium tipi is two metres smaller in diameter than our Big Hat, making our Midi tipis the ideal space if size available is an issue or if you would like to add an alternative size to your portfolio of Big Hats. They can be linked to a formation of Big Hats to create a chillout lounge or bar, or can be used standalone to act as a central meeting spot at sporting events, an outdoor classroom or tourist information centre. We can also provide the tools to add an Entrance Porch with wooden doors, which makes it ideal for Christmas events at a local venue and long term winter hire contracts. For further flexibility, you can roll up the side opposite the doorway to create an opening 1.8m high and 4m wide so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors.

Please note: Numbers may vary depending on your tipi interior i.e. dancefloor, bar and staging.