Campsites & Outdoor Holiday Villages

If you are a campsite or outdoor holiday village, then The Tipi Company could help you two-fold. Our Baby Tipis are a visually stunning and physically strong structure, perfect for you to offer a 5* glamping option in the great outdoors, all year round. You can fit them with an enclosed burning stove and extraction flue, and you can dress it up with a four poster bed and cosy furnishings, while the Baby Entrance Porch can be added to create a dramatic opening.

On the flipside, we know from experience that people are continuously looking for venues to erect tipis for their wedding, birthday or corporate event that also have accommodation. You are in a unique position where you have the land available and the accommodation is already catered for – why not invest in our Big Hats to create a wedding venue at your site? The return on investment is huge and there is a need in the market for it.


Photos courtesy of Paultons Campsite