4 reasons your hospitality business will benefit from tipis during the winter

During the spring and summer months, the hospitality sector thrives because of the warm weather attracting more customers to head out and enjoy themselves. Due to the cold snap in winter, it can be tougher for companies to host customers outdoors. What’s the solution then? Outdoor tents for events, of course! Check out our four reasons why your hospitality business could thrive with outdoor party tents for winter.

Winter business opportunities

creative outdoor bar idea

Throughout the winter months, the hospitality industry experiences peaks and troughs. Generally, there are fewer bookings throughout November before a busy Christmas and New Year period. After the New Year, things tend to quieten down through January before picking up again in February for Valentine’s Day. Some businesses just accept that these seasonal fluctuations happen, but there are plenty of winter business opportunities to be had.

The savviest of business owners are always looking for ways to boost their offerings to bring more patrons through the door. By optimising outdoor space with a tipi for winter events, a business can prosper in several ways, such as:

• Increasing capacity at busy times
• Offering a unique festive experience
• Grabbing attention – perfect for Insta-worthy posts
• Hosting tipi winter events

Expand capacity at busy times

In the run-up to Christmas, you’ll be inundated with enquiries about availability for Christmas parties, corporate events and family meals. Adding a large outdoor party tent for winter in the form of a giant event tipi will provide a sheltered, warm space for lots more tables, so you can accommodate more guests. The Big Hat tipi can accommodate up to 88 seated guests with its sides down, creating an exciting and unique experience for parties and more.

If you have 11m x 11m of outdoor space, then a Big Hat tipi can be installed within 24-48hrs by our experienced Installation team, ready to welcome up to 88 guests the following evening – this is one of the most perfect winter business opportunities you can have to boost your revenue.

winter tipi business opportunities

Offer a unique experience

christmas tipi event

Party organisers are always looking for a venue that offers a unique experience. Tipis provide a place to make memories and have a great time. Tipi winter events offer a unique type of venue for parties, such as a creative outdoor bar venue, that you can creatively decorate with lighting, foliage and other tasteful accessories to suit themed parties.


Grab attention

The enormous, quirky structure of a tipi grabs the attention of people walking past your business and can also cause a stir on social media. Even our Big Hat Tipi makes a big impression and will create a talking point for your business.

Generate excitement and interest and boost the number of bookings you receive with a Big Hat Tipi.

Host tipi winter events

As well as being able to offer more space for Christmas and New Year parties, another benefit of having an event tipi is that it enables you to host events. You could host events such as Christmas markets, live music, food festivals, Santa’s Grottos and other types of events that draw more patrons to your business.

You can adapt the tipis to have the sides up or down, offering more flexibility for different types of events and working around the weather conditions.

Winter party tents for sale

At The Tipi Company, there are several different sizes of outdoor party tents for winter to choose from. Some hospitality businesses have a creative formation of tipis in their grounds, which allows huge capacities for winter business opportunities. Many smaller businesses can double their table covers by using a tipi.

All our hospitality tents for sale are made in Britain to meet the highest quality and safety standards, with training videos to show you how to easily assemble them.

Winter party tents for sale

Creative outdoor bar ideas with The Tipi Company

If you’re a hospitality venue that has outdoor events scheduled in the near future, you should consider a tipi. For any outdoor events, The Tipi Company has you covered!

To find out about the many different tipis available, get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today on 01204 860 738 or email us at info@thetipicompany.com.