Elevate your tipi formation and embrace natural light inside with the help of our window options. At The Tipi Company, we pride ourselves on producing the very best enhancements for tipis, such as built-in tent sides with windows or our Panoramic Kit complete with giant roll-up window. Additionally, our enhancement kits that are fitted along the front of the tipi formations are a stunning addition to create extra natural light inside your tipi.


When The Tipi Company first started manufacturing tipis over 10 years ago, we identified that customers wanted window options within their tipis. Our Window Kits create a weatherproofed window during wet and windy weather, while also allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views of the scenery outside.

Panoramic Window Kit

Our clever Panoramic Window Kit fits into a lifted side of the tipi and is perfect for our Big Hats and Midi Hats. Using clear PVC windows in various shapes,, it provides a weatherproof shelter from the elements, while allowing lots of natural daylight into the tipi formation. Another benefit of installing a Panoramic Window Kit is that it can give extra headroom for a stage or bar area. 

We have designed our Panoramic Window Kits so they can be zipped undone and rolled up. This is especially advantageous in the heat of the summer, allowing guests to enjoy the great outdoors. Meanwhile, in the evening as the temperature drops, you’re able to drop the windows back down again to create a cosy atmosphere inside.


Window Panels

We have full control over every single tipi canvas that we produce, meaning we can create bespoke designs that meet our clients demands. Open up your tipi to amazing views and let vital light in with our transformative Window Panels, made by sewing clearview PVC panels into the main tipi canvas.

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If you’d like to find out more about tent sides with windows and how you can enhance the look of your tipis with windows, contact us today. Our tipi specialists will be happy to talk through your options to help you enhance your outdoor space.