The Strongest Tipis in the Wind

The Tipi Company offers ground-fixing solutions and tent ballasts for any type of terrain, in any location for the ultimate secure tent. We provide expert knowledge of groundworks to give you accurate advice on how best to prepare your outdoor space, in readiness for the tipi installation.

We have invested heavily into research and development for our tipis and their individual components to ensure maximum wind loadings are achievable. We are the only tipi manufacturer in the world to have proven this with the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics – the same technology Formula 1 and aircraft use to provide finite detail on the effect of wind on their machines. Unlike other tipi manufacturers on the market, the stability of our tipis and therefore our windloadings are not reliant on extra components such as “secondary poles” or “bracing stars”. Our tipis are strong enough just as they are. 

Have you noticed that our poles are smooth to the touch, with no visible knots and bumps? This is because every single pole is produced by our craftsmen in-house, using the slow process of debarking and tapering every pole to the exact same dimensions. This allows our Mechanical Engineering Consultants to offer The Tipi Company’s world-class engineering analysis and design advice to the millimetre.

Several aspects of our tipis have been expertly scrutinised and engineered to ensure our tipis are the strongest in the wind. This includes the lengths of our screws, width of metal in our fixtures and fittings, and height of strapping locations to name a few. You will not find a stronger or more secure tent anywhere else.

Types of Anchorage

Hand-in-hand with our windloadings are our tent ballast solutions for a resistant and secure tent. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a solution for any surface, while operating within safe weather limits.

Iron Stakes

The most popular solution for building our tipis is by using 750mm iron stakes. They are ideal for soft ground such as fields, gardens and forests. In addition, they are commonly used for the anchorage of temporary installations.


We have developed a unique tipi anchorage solution for fixing the tipis into hard ground, such as concrete, cement and stone. Our SecureFix method utilises an incredibly safe and strong chemical resin anchorage method.

Tent Ballasts

If it is impossible to drill into the ground, we also have a tent ballast solution that meets our safe wind loadings guide. We recommend the use of ballast weights at key points along the perimeter for a secure tent, able to withstand all weather conditions, which are secured to our expertly designed BallastFix plates. The weight of these differs depending on the size of the tipi and the formation you have.

Tent ballasts at The Tipi Company

As a British tipi manufacturer, we are proud to supply high-quality and durable tipis for a range of different uses. Our range of tipis is ideal for glamping, hospitality, and many more types of tipi businesses.

To find out more about the many different tipis available, get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today at 01204 860 738 or email us at