Types of Anchorage for Event Tents

Tipi tent Anchorage is available in a variety of forms, and each ensures the stability and safety of all event tipis. By providing the necessary counterweight, they make sure that our tipis remain grounded, offering peace of mind to tipi rental businesses, venues, and glamping sites alike. The importance of anchorage increases when building tipis on challenging terrain or for events that will take place during adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s a wedding & events venue on a hillside or a glamping site by the sea, we choose the correct anchorage for your business’s needs. 

Here at The Tipi Company, we know the importance of anchorage and offer many types of ground solutions. We help you make sure that every event you host in your tipi remains memorable for the right reasons.

Stakes, pegs, and beyond

Anchoring systems are the bedrock of tent stability. For temporary installation, on soft standing ground such as gardens, fields and pitches, it’s our tipi anchorage stakes that are used to safely secure the tent to the ground. They are 750mm in length and are driven deep into the ground to ensure the tipi tent remains steadfast even in windy conditions. 

Harder terrains such as concrete, cement, or stone present unique challenges. Traditional stakes won’t suffice here. This is why The Tipi Company developed the SecureFix method. This innovative solution uses a chemical resin anchorage that is drilled into the hardstanding surface, giving your tipi equal anchorage to the ground anchor stakes. If drilling isn’t possible due to restricted sites or timings, then our SecureFix solution can also receive ballasts – either cement or water tank. 

Common materials for ballasts

Thanks to our in-house Engineering & Design department within TipiHQ, we can provide a range of tipi anchorage options, with each offering unique advantages for your business’s specific needs. When it comes to ballast type selection, concrete blocks are known for their sheer weight and durability. If you have the resources in-house to forklift them into position, then they are straightforward to use and can be placed one on top of the other to reach the correct ballast weight. Water ballasts on the flipside offer more transport flexibility and are much cheaper to purchase. They can be filled or emptied as needed, making them a versatile choice for temporary events. 

The science behind secure tents

The stability of a tent isn’t just about its structural components; it’s also deeply rooted in science and engineering. At The Tipi Company, we combine our years of experience with the science of Computational Fluid Dynamics. This advanced technology, commonly used in high-stakes industries like Formula 1 racing and aerospace, provides intricate details on how wind interacts with structures. It is our CFD wind loadings that dictate the weight of anchorage required for your tipi formation.

Understanding the effect of wind on our tipis allows us to design event tipi tents that stand firm even in the face of strong gusts. The research doesn’t stop there. Every aspect of the tipi design, from the length of screws to the width of our wooden framework, undergoes rigorous scrutiny and calculation. This meticulous approach ensures that our event tent anchors and the types of ballast your tent or tipi use are not just strong, but are the most durable on the market. It’s this blend of craftsmanship and science that guarantees when you’re under a tipi from The Tipi Company, you’re in one of the safest outdoor event structures.

Choosing the right ballast for your event tent

Before choosing ballast for your tent, you must consider many factors. It is the job of our Tipi Experts to assist you in the selection of the correct anchorage for your site. The main consideration is the duration of time that the tipi will be up for – is it a short weekend event where it will be built and dismantled within a week? Or is it going to be a long-term, more permanent installation where you want the tipi in place for many months? With expert guidance from The Tipi Company, your choice between different tent anchors and types of ballast for event tents becomes much more straightforward. We support every type of business with a range of solutions to help ensure that every tipi, regardless of its size or location, benefits from optimal anchorage. 

Let our knowledge and experience help guide you to the perfect tipi anchorage. Contact us for more information.