Tipi Interiors

As much as our tipis are immediately impressive on the outside, there is also a lot of attention to detail that goes into our tipi interior design. We have impressive table and bench sets that work seamlessly as tipi decor. We also offer personalised branding panels and matting to further enhance your tipi’s design. Take a look below to find out all about the intricate tipi decor we offer for enhanced tipi interior design.

Table & Bench Sets

Designed and made by hand in Lancashire, by timber craftsmen, our wooden table and bench sets are the perfect addition to your tipi interior design. Collapsible with powder-coated iron stays, our seating does not need any dressing up to impress your guests. Its rustic aesthetic makes for the perfect tipi decor.

Each set can seat six people for a formal sit-down meal, or eight people for a more casual gathering. Up to 11 of these sets can fit into one Big Hat, seating 88 people in total. Our table and benches are both 1.83m long for a unison design.


Our tough, jet-washable polypropylene matting is the perfect flooring for temporary installations where speed of application is required. In our factories, our team shapes every piece so that it fits perfectly within the tipi footprint. We also add velcro to the edges for a seamless fit and finish to your tipi decor.

Personalised branding panel

In every Big Hat tipi we manufacture, there are two canvas triangles that cover the zip locations, which are branded with The Tipi Company logo as our standard tipi interior design. However, if you are looking for a personalised tipi with your branding on it, we can change the branding to your own logo.

For an even bigger branding opportunity, we can create a totally bespoke main infill panel in the colour and design of your company branding, printed onto your choice of coloured PVC.

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Tipi interiors at The Tipi Company

As a British tipi manufacturer, we are proud to supply high-quality and durable tipis for a range of different uses. Our range of tipis is ideal for glamping, hospitality and many more types of tipi businesses.

To find out about the many different tipis available, get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today at 01204 860 738 or email us at info@thetipicompany.com.