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Quality tipis, made in Britain

In Britain, there are so many reasons to be proud to be British or to live in Britain, from being able to access our amazing NHS, to our extremely high safety standards. After the business disruption caused by the COVID pandemic and the resultant impact on our economy, there is now even more reason to support British businesses. Additionally, there are also many other reasons to buy from tipi manufacturers in the UK.

At The Tipi Company, we are very proud to be a British-based company as tipi makers in the UK and to uphold the highest standards when we manufacture and test our products. We know it is essential to oversee every aspect of the manufacturing and testing process in factories in Britain, so we know the quality is never compromised. Our products display the Made in Britain marque, which was awarded to recognise that our whole manufacturing and quality control process is completed in Britain.

Tipis made in Britain

Why buy from British tipi tent manufacturers?

Many companies try to reduce their production costs by outsourcing manufacturing to countries such as China and other Asian countries where labour costs are lower. These are the reasons we would never do that and love our heritage as tipi makers in the UK:

• We are able to contribute more to the British economy by keeping all of our manufacturing chain in Britain.
• We are able to employ a full team of expert technicians and seamstresses, making sure there are more jobs kept in the UK.
• By manufacturing all our tipis in our factory in Lancashire, we know that we can fully control the quality, design, material purchases and quality inspection.
• There are no delays due to shipping problems or issues caused by importing and exporting products.
• We keep our CO2 emissions low as we are not transporting goods back from Asia or other countries around the world.
• We can ensure that our customers quickly receive their products, as they are being delivered from Lancashire around the UK, rather than requiring shipping from abroad.
• Our Made in Britain marque shows our customers the exceptional level of quality that they are purchasing as 100% British tipi tent manufacturers.

Tipi manufacturers in the UK

Supporting tipis made in Britain

These are just some of the reasons why we are committed to producing all of our products in the UK and why we will never be tempted to outsource abroad to cut costs.

Next time you are considering buying a product, check where it is manufactured and see whether you can support local businesses in the UK instead of China and other mass-manufacturing countries.

In Britain, businesses need to stick together and support each other so that we can collectively get back on track and work together towards a brighter future, or ‘Build back better’, which is the term coined by the government for their plans for growth.

If you are looking to buy a high-quality tipi to expand your business and want to support other British businesses and our economy, The Tipi Company should be your first choice as a leading British tipi manufacturer in the UK. As well as supplying the highest quality, most durable and strongest tipi you will find on the market, our British-based team will be available for everything from help assembling your tipi, to providing any after-sales support you may need. We pride ourselves on our commitment to being a first-rate tipi manufacturer in the UK.

Tipi tents made in the UK for sale

We hope you have gained valuable insight into how purchasing tents made in the UK is a vote towards quality manufacturing and supports the longevity of companies that aim to provide you with the best quality from your purchase. Take a look for yourself at our premium tipis to see the sort of tipis we can provide you with.

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