Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Learning with a Tipi

When providing children with an outstanding education, an essential part of their development is being able to introduce diversity into their regular learning routine. Though a large portion of a child’s education will typically take place in a classroom, introducing learning outside the classroom can be a fresh and engaging method of developing various different skills.

learning outside the classroom

Watchlytes Primary School

Numerous schools have already implemented outdoor learning with our tipis. Watchlytes Primary School have been able to host many different exciting and educational activities outdoors as a result. Here’s what they had to say:

“A Forest School has been established at Watchlytes, and the primary use of the Tipi will be to host our Forest School classes. We’re hoping to be able to incorporate the Tipi into PSA events in the playground too, so I am anticipating that at some point it’ll also be a summer festival chill out zone, a bingo night bar and am fully expecting it to be the tuck shop at the Easter Egg Hunt! The Tipi was put up for the first time a few weeks ago and looks fabulous. We’re thrilled. Thank you so much.”

Why is learning outside the classroom important?

If you have been curious why learning is important outside the classroom, it can work as a unique way to introduce new learning methods to your children’s education and is beneficial to children’s development. As learning at school is typically associated with (and more often than not confined to) taking place within a classroom, providing children with a new environment will not only be stimulating but can help children with their cognition and physical health too. Therefore, allowing children to have a hands-on approach to their learning can be just as important as teaching children concepts and theoretical learning within a classroom.

There are several scientifically-backed studies that prove and attest to the various different benefits of outdoor learning and how it is substantially beneficial to a child’s development. These spaces can have a profound effect on their earlier developmental years and their health too. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom has a wealth of resources where you can find out more about these proven benefits of learning outside the classroom, what difference it makes to a child’s learning and all the various ways you can integrate outside learning into your teaching.

So, how do tipis feature?

By using one of our tipis, you can create a safe and comfortable zone that gives children the environment they need to take their learning outdoors. Our tipis are ideal as a classroom tent to provide you with the space you need to see your classroom’s progress develop. These can be for children of all ages and can be just as much fun as they are educational. Having a tipi within a playground can provide a comfortable environment for children to engage in a variety of activities, such as reading, and act as a space to relax in.

Learning outside the classroom activities with a tipi

There are various different ways that you can introduce outdoor classroom structures into your weekly learning schedule. Our previous customers have used our tipis for learning outside the classroom activities that have enriched their students’ learning experience and have seen the benefits of outdoor learning firsthand.

At the Green House Farm Nursery, they have been able to transform one of our tipis into a learning environment that is both enjoyable and educational. The children here are able to take a hands-on approach to their learning by using our tipis as an engaging environment to draw, paint, build, and play. Being used as an open space with plenty of natural light, children are able to benefit from our tipis physically as well as mentally. These spaces provide children with an area to engage in physical activities and develop their social and communication skills too.

Wincheap School Tipi The Tipi Company
Picture of Wincheap Primary School tipi being used for LOTC

As well as being a space for younger children to thrive, a tipi can be used for children of all ages to enhance their learning. One idea for using a tipi to boost children’s learning is to use it as an outdoor reading zone. We have seen previous customers use their learning space to help make reading as a classroom all the more engaging and exciting. Through the windows that can be included with our Midi Tents, they make for the perfect reading room that lets in natural light and connects your students to nature that little bit more. They are the perfect in-between point for allowing your children to get away from the classroom and to place their education in a new and exciting scenario but provide enough shelter and comfort to work as a refuge from unpleasant weather in autumn and winter.

Mellor Primary School The Tipi Company
Story time at Mellor Primary School

Learning outdoors with The Tipi Company

If you’re looking for a new space for your students to engage with their learning in new ways, our high-quality and durable tipis are the perfect option for you.

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