Glamping: Which Tipi Should I Choose?

Tipi glamping in the UK is becoming more and more of a popular holiday option as opposed to traditional camping. As a result, now is a brilliant time to get on board with the trend and start a glamping site. However, you may be wondering what type and size of tipi is suitable for use in glamping. So here at The Tipi Company, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to help you choose the ideal tipi for setting up a glamping business.

setting up glamping business

What is ‘glamping’ and why is it popular?

Glamping is a fresh alternative to traditional camping that has become very popular in recent years. Short for ‘glamorous camping’, glamping offers all the fun of camping but removes all the problems that put people off of camping. With camping often seeming like an unappealing option to many with it requiring lots of equipment and it sometimes being an uncomfortable experience, glamping has been able to usher in a new way to camp but without the hassle.

With glamping, there is no need for people to pack all of their own camping equipment or tents as they have already been provided. Additionally, there is no need for people to suffer poor weather or to sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag. Glamping offers fully lined beds, heating, bathrooms, and running water within their accommodation spaces so people who want all the fun of camping while taking away the difficulties the experience sometimes brings now have a convenient option.

Now more than ever is the perfect time for starting a glamping business as due to the rise in this fun alternative, it is only increasing in popularity. If you’re thinking of getting in on the trend and want to start a glamping site of your own, you may be wondering what sort of tipis are best to start with your business plan. At The Tipi Company, we have several glamping tents for sale in the UK for you to choose from in our range that are sure to meet your needs.

Glamping Tipis
Greenwood Tipi Glamping

Setting up a glamping business

Our Baby Tipi tent is the ideal choice from our range for starting glamping as a business. Depending on whether you want to start with lots of small tents or with a smaller collection of interlinked tents, the Baby Tipi tent provides you with the option to do both.

You can use the Baby Tipi for use as a one-bedroom space, or you can link Baby Tipis to each other to provide space for additional rooms for use as bedrooms or living spaces. A Baby Tipi holds enough space to house a King-size bed, one or two children’s beds and a log-burning stove. Our Baby Tipis are 6.5m in diameter and come in four different colours for you to customise your glamping site as you wish.

Alternatively, our Midi Tipis are a great choice if you would like to buy a glamping tent that is on a larger scale. These are a little larger at a diameter of 8.4m, so they are ideal if you intend to attract small families or couples when starting glamping as a business. These could be purchased alongside our Baby Tipis to provide a more spacious option at a higher price to your customers. By providing several options, your tipi glamping business in the UK is sure to attract a variety of customers and help your business take off.

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Glamping at The Tipi Company

If you’re looking for glamping tents to help your business take off, our high-quality and durable tipis are the perfect option for you.

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