Setting Up a Glamping Business: Which Tipi Should I Choose?

Tipi glamping in the UK is becoming more and more of a popular holiday option as opposed to traditional camping. As a result, now is a brilliant time to get on board with the trend and look into how to start a glamping business. However, as your first point of call, you may be wondering what type and size of tipi is suitable for use in glamping. Here at The Tipi Company, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to help you choose the ideal tipi for setting up a glamping business.

setting up glamping business

What is ‘glamping’ and why is it popular?

Glamping is a fresh alternative to traditional camping that has become very popular in recent years. Short for ‘glamorous camping’, glamping offers all the fun of camping but removes all the problems that put people off of camping. With camping often seeming like an unappealing option to many, requiring lots of equipment and it sometimes being an uncomfortable experience, glamping has been able to usher in a new way to camp but without the hassle.

With glamping, there is no need for people to pack all of their own camping equipment or tents as they have already been provided. Additionally, there is no need for people to suffer poor weather or to sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag. Glamping offers king size beds, heating, bathrooms, and running water within their accommodation spaces so people who want all the fun of camping while taking away the difficulties the experience sometimes brings now have a convenient option.

Why choose tipis when setting up a glamping business

With this surge in popularity that doesn’t look to slow down any time soon, now more than ever is the perfect time to look into setting up a glamping business. If you’re thinking of getting in on the trend and want to look into how to start a glamping business of your own, you may be wondering what sort of accommodation you should be investing in. 

Tipis are a fantastic option in which to host your guests at your glamping site. Aside from their obvious charm and aesthetic features – nothing quite says glamping like a glowing rustic tipi –  tipis are also designed in such a way to be cool in summer and warm in winter and to withstand whatever the great British weather throws at them.

At The Tipi Company, we are proud glamping tent suppliers with a range of tipis for you to choose from that are sure to meet your needs. All of our handmade tipis are created using the most superior quality tipi tent canvas with a whole host of Tipi Enhancements available to take your glamping tipis to the next level.

Glamping Tipis
Greenwood Tipi Glamping

Glamping tipis from The Tipi Company

Baby Tipi


2 adults & 2 children

Midi Tipi


2 adults & 4 children

Now you’re looking into how to start your glamping business, you’ve set your heart on installing tipis, but which tipi should you choose? Our Baby Tipi is a stellar choice for a glamping site that is just starting out. Depending on whether you want to set up your glamping business with lots of small tents or with a smaller collection of interlinked tents, the Baby Tipi provides you with the option to do both.

You can use our popular Baby Tipi as a one-bedroom space, or you have the opportunity to create a Tipi Link to other Baby Tipis to provide space for additional rooms for use as bedrooms or living spaces. Despite its name, a Baby Tipi holds enough space to house a king-size bed, one or two children’s beds, and a log-burning stove. Our Baby Tipis are 6.5m in diameter and come in four different colours for you to customise your glamping site as you wish!

Alternatively, our Midi Tipi is a great choice if you are looking to invest in a glamping tent that is on a larger scale. These are a little larger at a diameter of 8m, so they are ideal if you intend to attract larger families who have 3 or 4 children. These could be purchased alongside our Baby Tipis to provide a more spacious option at a higher price to your customers. By providing several options to customers, your tipi glamping business is sure to appeal to more people, helping your business grow.

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How to start a glamping with The Tipi Company

It can be daunting when considering how to start a glamping business, but here at The Tipi Company, we are here to help you, every step of the way. We build more than tipis, we help build businesses. For more information on our tipis, the types we have available, and how they can transform your business and help you achieve your goals, get in contact with the team at The Tipi Company today.