How Do We Compare: Making Tipi Poles

The excellent framework is the backbone of the tipis we produce at The Tipi Company. We take pride in the strength and reliability of our tipis and this is down to the heavy-duty tent poles we use during construction. Comprising nine main poles and nine purlin beams, our high-quality tipi tents are expertly designed so that the poles interlock together to ensure they can withstand incredibly high wind speeds. 

To find out more about how we make our market-leading tipi poles so you can host excellent outdoor events, continue reading this insightful guide.

Heavy-duty tent poles

We bet you are wondering just why The Tipi Company’s tipi framework is the strongest on the market? Well, here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Slow grown Scandinavian spruce wood 
  • Two years of Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Unique procedure
  • Expert structural engineering
  • Thickest and strongest

Scandinavian wood

When creating our event tipis, we source our poles from a remote Scandinavian forest where the species of spruce trees are incredibly slow growing. This results in dense growth rings that create the strongest poles in the world. The felling process only takes place four times a year to ensure the sustainability of the forest and the life cycle of old and new trees is continuously evolving.

Due to the density of the timber, the poles are naturally rot-resistant. However, we do treat all of our poles with the latest generation of wood preservative to ensure your framework has the longest life span possible.

Two years of Computational Fluid Dynamics

We spent nearly two years having finite Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) drawn up to prove that our tipis are the strongest on the market. We are proud to say that we are the only British tipi manufacturer to have used this high-end, accurate method of delivering our wind loadings. 

During which, our woodwork underwent extensive laboratory testing to ascertain its absolute breakpoint. These test results are the foundations of the CFD models that our expert structural engineers built to simulate the variety of winds a tipi can be subjected to.

Thanks to this process, we were able to make small yet impactful changes to our fixtures and fittings designs that have a huge effect on the wind speeds our tipis can hold up against.

Unique procedure

The quality of our wooden poles for tipis, and the way we debark and taper them, is unique to us. It takes many hours to complete and results in heavy-duty tipi tent poles that are 100% consistent in their dimensions, starting wider at the bottom, with a perfect taper to the top.

Only two machines in the UK have the capability to do this and we own one of them! We conduct the whole process in-house, in our own woodyard, so that we have total control over the quality we produce. 

Other tipi manufacturers outsource this process to a company that will debark and taper the poles by hand, resulting in an uneven surface and a spotty finish. However, our method of perfectly tapering the poles allows our wind-loadings to be totally reliable and our framework to be peerlessly strong.

Tipi Poles

Expert structural engineering

We have designed the strongest fixtures and fittings possible, as advised by expert structural engineers who have proven our tipis are the strongest on the market. Working with our in-house team of experienced CAD engineers, these experts advised us on everything from the increased length of screws to the depth of metal plates and widths of fixings – all to ensure the unbeatable strength of our tipis. In turn, our Welding team weld all of our metal fixtures and fittings inhouse to the perfect high-quality standard that is synonymous with The Tipi Company brand. 

Thickest and strongest

Our Lifting Pole Sets are the thickest and strongest on the market, and the way that they fix to the poles ensures their stability in high winds. Next time you are in a tipi, give the lifter beam support a wiggle – ours never budge!

High-quality tipi tents at The Tipi Company

If you are a business that has an outdoor space that you would like to take advantage of, you should seek assistance from us. Make use of our heavy-duty tent poles and add a unique attraction to your business. 

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