How Do We Compare: Tipi Repairs

Here at The Tipi Company, we pride ourselves on being different. We’ve worked with some major brands over the years offering tents and tipis for virtually any kind of outdoor events and activities you can think of. Here we’re going to look at some of the things that set us apart from the competition, one of which is our speedy and reliable tipi repair service.

Accidents happen. Nature can be cruel and harsh. Rips and tears in your tents and tipis can leave you and your business exposed to the elements and we know how unhelpful and costly that can be for you. That’s why durability is one of our main priorities when we build your tipi – and if the worst comes to worst, we can repair it better than anyone else. Read on to find out more! 

Durability and Quality

Before we get to talking about repairs – we need to talk about materials. Here at The Tipi Company, we only use quality materials to make the most durable event tipis possible. They are made from the best available outdoor coated Campshield fabric that’s been rigorously tested in various challenging environments and they are water, UV and mould-resistant, and fire-retardant. 

Our tent poles are made from sustainable, super-dense, slow-growing Scandinavian wood using unique processes and expert structural engineering. We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help with testing, proving that our tipis are the strongest on the market. We’re the only British tipi manufacturer to have used this high-end, accurate method, so we mean it when we say our tipis are made of strong stuff, that’s built to last. 

But, like we said, accidents, the elements and mishandling can all cause damage, rips and tears to the fabric of your tipi. It doesn’t necessarily mean costly replacements. All of our tipis are supplied with a Canvas Repair Kit, so you can fix any minor damage straight away. But, for the bigger stuff; we’re here to help

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We Repair

What’s the benefit of getting your canvas tent repaired by us? Well, we’re the ones who built it in the first place! 

We take responsibility for our craftsmanship and complete all tent repair services in house rather than sending your tipi away to a separate company. This way, your repairs can be completed quickly and accurately and it’s that little bit better for the planet too. Although we can only repair tipis that we have made and we can’t repair woodwork (for safety reasons, we can’t guarantee the structural integrity of damaged wood) We still pride ourselves on high quality repairs at fair prices. 

We Make it Really Easy

When your tent or tipi gets damaged, we know it causes you a big inconvenience. That’s why we’ve made our repairs process as easy as we possibly can for you. We’ve got an online repairs form so that you can let us know what you need quickly and easily without having to bring it back to us for inspection. 

You can upload all the details we need, including photographs of the damage that will help us get the repair process started as soon as possible. Our Production Team will give you honest, practical feedback about the next steps. If we can fix it, we will! And if we can’t, we have a Spares & Repairs service to find a replacement and fast.

High-quality tents from The Tipi Company

We believe in the quality of our tents and tipis, so we give you a 1-year guarantee as standard. If anything goes wrong because of a manufacturing problem, we’ll fix them for you – free of charge. 

We’ve got over 40 years’ experience making structures for outdoor events and we’re the only manufacturer of large event tipis in the UK. A purchase from us is one that will support British manufacturing.  We ship nationally and even internationally to some countries. Don’t just take our word for it, find out what our customers think of us, here

To find out more about the many different tipis we have available, or to see what bespoke designs we can put together for you, contact us today on 01204 860 738 or email us at and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!