Thinking of Starting a Tipi Hire Business?

Many people would love to start up a company and be their own boss but only a few actually take the plunge and go for it. Starting a new business is not for the faint hearted,  but the possible results are what make it all worthwhile.

We have a number of clients who have needed guidance, honest advice and direction when they have set up their tipi hire business. As a result, we launched a sister brand called Big Chief Tipis to test the market and to be able to give our clients first-hand real advice on how to make it work in the temporary events industry!

Still not convinced? Here are some key markers on how to start a successful tipi hire business.

Two is better than one

We’ve found that the most successful companies start with a duo – where one is strong on the hands-on aspect, leading the team in the field and build and breaking the tipis; whereas the other is better at the sales, marketing, accounts and admin. With a double-pronged attack, you will have all bases covered!

Passion is key

As a tipi hire business owner you will be helping to give people experiences that they will never forget. Around 60%-70% of your business will come from weddings which means a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most! The amount of passion, attention to detail and ability to put yourself in your client’s shoes will really help keep your customer happy and the job run smoothly.

Being able to provide valued services, backed up by the great feedback you receive from happy customers, your job satisfaction levels will significantly improve.

You need to love the outdoors

If you spend your working hours wishing that you were doing something far away from the mundane office environment then this could be your calling. Tipi hire suits people who enjoy working outdoors; maybe you love camping or just generally spending time in the great outdoors? If the answer is yes, and you feel like you’re wasting away in your current job,  you could definitely do with a change of scenery to give you a breath of fresh air!

Does your creative spirit need an outlet?

There is a lot more to tipi hire than simply tipi construction and providing a service that is in high demand. There are also plenty of opportunities to channel your creative talent with customisation, unique accessories and inventive space designs that will impress customers. We have seen some exceptional tipi space designs, using a combination of our range of flexible tipis that would give some of the best architects a run for their money. If this resonates with you then you’re probably ready to unleash your creative spirit and earn good money in a lucrative market.

Do you crave freedom?

Most jobs lack autonomy and independence, often making work feel like a chore rather than a pursuit of passion. Being your own boss will give you a greater sense of fulfilment and greater flexibility. It gives you full control over the direction you take your business, how far you want to take it and the great financial potential if you are successful.

Tips for being successful as a tipi hire business

We asked our friends at Big Chief Tipis to share some tips that they have picked up along their journey to success:

Want to talk to some tipi experts to help you get started? You can call us at any stage of your business progress and we also offer a repair service, we have proven excellence in aftercare and will support you throughout your entire tipi hire business growth.

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