Introducing…Our Midi Hat Tipi

If you’re a business looking to take advantage of some extra outdoor space, then an outdoor tipi tent is exactly what you’re looking for. At The Tipi Company, we’re experts in creating outstanding tipi bars and tipi classrooms to help businesses take advantage of outdoor areas. If you’re searching for something that creates an outdoor bar, arrival space to a venue, or even an outdoor classroom environment, continue reading to find out more about our Midi Hat Tipi.

What is the Midi Hat Tipi?

At The Tipi Company, we provide a wide range of industries and businesses with high-quality tipis for outdoor events. Our Midi Hat tipi is popular among businesses who wish to create an outdoor covered area for a drinks reception or live entertainment space. It can also be used as a tent for a restaurant or an extra casual dining area to supplement your main food and beverage offerings, such as a hog roast, pizza oven or café.

Our Midi Hat Tipi is popular among businesses who wish to create a cosy chillout and bar area attached to a main tipi formation. It’s also widely used as a standalone space that’s ideal for drinks receptions, arrival centres and even outdoor classrooms.

Two metres smaller than our Big Hat tipi, the Midi Hat offers a stylish and unique way to utilise your outdoor area effectively, especially when size is restricted. The difference between our Midi Tipi and Midi Hat is that the latter can have some or all of its sides lifted due to the extra engineering sewn into it during production. This means that our Window and Enhancement entrance kits can be installed into the sides should you want a long-term solution at your outdoor venue.

Midi Hat Tipi With an Entrance Porch 1

Midi Hat Tipi features

Measuring 8.4m in diameter, the Midi Hat has a number of benefits that make it ideal for outdoor events. Entry can be via a zip, Entrance Porch or an Enhancement Kit can be installed into the lifted front, which increases the internal space. It also comes complete with giant windows so your guests can enjoy the surroundings.

This outdoor tipi tent is perfect as a standalone structure for smaller events, or it can be linked to one or more Big Hats to create a range of creative outdoor space layout designs.

There is also a wide range of enhancements available to give the Midi Hat Tipi a ‘wow’ factor, while it’s also suitable to be used on soft and hard surfaces with our unique ballast solutions.

Midi Hat Tipi Front Lifted

Durable and reliable structures

Not only is the Midi Hat Tipi wonderful to look at and experience, but you can also put all of your trust in its structural strength. It is built and held up by immensely strong poles that are sourced from North Scandinavian forests where the climate is extremely cold so the trees are incredibly slow-growing. This environment makes the wood late maturing and of high quality. Due to the quality of the wood, the Midi Hat Tipi is more stable than marquees in high winds as it has huge loadbearing strength, and can be erected on all types of surfaces using our range of different anchorage solutions.

Benefits of a tipi classroom

The Midi Hat Tipi is a firm favourite amongst the educational sector as it is perfect for use as an outdoor classroom. Housing approximately 40 children, the Midi Hat will ensure your pupils enjoy and embrace the outdoors, along with all the benefits of fresh air and sunlight, so we’re delighted to be able to offer an this outdoor classroom tipi. As a tipi business, we understand the importance of sunlight and fresh air for children of all ages, so we’re delighted to be able to offer an outdoor classroom tipi.

Take your students outdoors and create a fun, spacious environment for them away from their usual classroom setting. A growing number of our clients who own nurseries are choosing to totally embrace the Montessori method of education by moving into our Midi Tipis for the majority of their day-to-day activities, thus creating a hands-on learning experience for children of all ages.

The excellent quality of fabric that’s used on the Midi Hat Tipi makes it great for use in all weather conditions too, so you don’t need to worry about wind and rain. We use a durable outdoor fabric on the Midi Hat Tipi that is highly waterproof, weather resistant, moisture regulating and breathable. This makes it perfect for use during the height of summer and the depths of winter. It is also stable, sun-protective and colourfast with a non-fouling finish to create  a visually stunning, practical product.

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If you’re a business owner that has outdoor events scheduled in the near future, you should consider the Midi Hat Tipi. For any outdoor events, The Tipi Company has you covered!

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