Launch a new offering at your bar or restaurant like Gordon Ramsey-approved restaurant Yu Copster Green

Here at The Tipi Company, we can help you launch a new offering at your bar or restaurant through our unique, bespoke tipi spaces. Our all-season outdoor tipis are an ideal way to extend your hospitality offering into an additional outdoor structure. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself one of the following questions, contact us today and get a quote. 

  • Do you have a loyal customer base that returns time and time again? 
  • Are you fully booked every weekend and have to turn away bookings? 
  • Do you only trade in the evenings but would like to offer a quirky daytime offering at your establishment? 
  • Would you like to launch a different style of menu or cuisine at your restaurant but don’t have the space to do so? 
  • Do you receive a lot of private dining or exclusivity enquiries because of your high reputation, but you have to turn them away because you simply don’t have the space?  

A tipi can be the remedy for all of these concerns. Increase your capacity and expand your revenue potential by investing in a tipi formation from The Tipi Company.

As a British manufacturer, The Tipi Company takes pride in its ability to collaborate closely with clients on tailored requests. With our factories conveniently located at the same site as our Tipi HQ, we have the advantage of seamless coordination and efficient communication throughout the manufacturing process. This enables us to provide personalised solutions and create bespoke tipi designs that reflect the unique vision and requirements of our clients. By embracing this collaborative approach, The Tipi Company ensures that each tipi formation becomes a distinctive and exceptional addition to its surroundings.

Teepee On The Green, Yu Copster Green

Yu Copster Green by Gordon Ramsey

We were approached by Gordon Ramsay’s Best Chinese Restaurant in the UK, Yu Copster Green, to assist them in launching a new Modern Chinese and Cantonese daytime food and drink offering. Yu Copster Green had land with an unusual shape and size in a disused corner of their site for the project. Nonetheless, after the initial site visit and in-depth consultation, the client worked closely with our Sales & Design teams, to create ‘Teepee On The Green’. 

Tipi restaurant structure

‘Teepee on the Green’ consisted of one Big Hat, linked to a Little Hat and XL Catering Tent installed on a raised wooden platform, complete with a Bespoke Enhancement Kit D and Entrance Porch

For the main dining space, the Big Hat tipi took centre stage where inside, our client chose to seat 60-70 diners, allowing plenty of space for service to pass between the tables. Additionally, we adapted Enhancement Kit D, shifting the entrance around one bay and leaving two giant panoramic windows that can be rolled up during hot summer days.

To overcome the challenges posed by the uneven ground, we implemented an elevation package in conjunction with a raised wooden platform, resulting in a visually striking, level, and weatherproof outdoor restaurant. 

Enhancing the entrance, we incorporated two bays of entrance tunnels and a wheelchair access ramp, creating a grand and impressive entryway into the space.

Additionally, we connected a Little Hat to the Big Hat, forming an external covered drinks terrace where guests can leisurely indulge in pre or post-meal drinks. 

Our giant 6mx6m catering tent was installed next to the tipi formation, to create an outdoor kitchen specifically designed for the new venture. The walls and roof of which were made from beige PVC so that our client could wash down the space easily at the end of each service. Inside the tipi, entry into the kitchen was accessed via an entrance porch linked to the catering tent, with close-shut wooden doors, to hide the hustle and bustle of the kitchen activities.

'Teepee on the Green’

Stepping inside ‘Teepee on the Green’, guests are treated to a menu that beautifully blends the beloved Charlie Yu classics with a curated selection of Victor Yu’s innovative dishes. The result is a captivating dining experience that celebrates the rich traditions of Chinese cooking while embracing the excitement of new flavours and culinary flair.

Yu Copster Green is renowned for providing a top-quality premium offering to all of their customers within their main restaurant. So they wanted to continue offering a world-class dining experience within their tipis. Working closely with an interior designer, they installed luxury leather booth seating, an impressive central lighting feature, a giant tree and faux foliage attached to the purlin beams and lifter poles. The end result was a beautiful structure that seamlessly blended the outdoors in, whilst simultaneously creating a highly functional restaurant. 

Teepee On The Green Menu

Your tipi

Bespoke tipis can transform previously disused spaces. If you would like to find out more about how you can launch a new offering at your bar or restaurant, simply speak to our team today and get a quote.