Maximising Revenue from a Permanent Tipi Wedding Venue

In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding trends, an interesting shift has taken place, drawing couples away from the traditional confines of indoor celebrations and instead towards outdoor wedding venues. With this shift, there’s been a rise in businesses exploring alternative outdoor wedding venue options so we have put together a helpful guide to how to start an outdoor wedding venue business.

In this guide, we take a look into the world of permanent tipi wedding venues, focusing on the profitability element that makes them a compelling business venture. As we delve into the appeal of outdoor weddings and the factors that contribute to their popularity, we uncover the financial advantages for businesses.

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The allure of outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, and it is clear to see why. The natural charm and unbeatable ambience of an outdoor venue is one that is hard to replicate inside, meaning more couples are drawn to this unique wedding setting. Regardless of the landscape, whether it’s within greenery or with a coastal backdrop, outdoor venues offer an unparalleled wedding experience for all. 

At The Tipi Company, we’ve witnessed the surge in demand for our giant tipi tents, as couples seek a wedding experience that goes beyond the conventional and traditional. Often, it’s due to the freedom to choose a location that matches the couple’s personality, whether that is a rustic field or picturesque garden, that adds a personal touch to the day as a whole. 

The intimacy of outdoor weddings, such as that provided by a rustic tipi wedding, surrounded by nature’s beauty, contributes to the creation of lasting memories for both the couple and their guests.

The business perspective: Generating income from an outdoor wedding venue

From a business perspective, operating a permanent tipi wedding venue holds great promise. Giant tipis are a low-cost way of launching an outdoor wedding & events venue for any farmer, landowner or estate. Whilst there are costs associated with maintenance, landscaping, and dealing with weather-related challenges, the potential for revenue streams makes it a lucrative venture.

Rental fees

With the average cost of a UK wedding estimated to be well over £27,000, and the venue often taking up a significant portion of this budget, sometimes accounting for more than a quarter of the total expenditure, it’s clear that you could create a large revenue stream from starting a tipi business.

Venue fees are a primary source of income so when considering how to start an outdoor wedding venue business, it’s important to conduct some research into nearby wedding and event venues and delve into what they charge for the rental of their land. Keep in mind the accommodation options they offer and make sure you drill down on exactly what is included for their fees. Your rental fee will also vary depending on how many guests your venue can accommodate and how many nights you wish to rent the tipis out to one client. 

When looking at how to start an outdoor wedding venue business, you should also determine the number of weddings you can realistically host each year to cover expenses and achieve profitability.

The size of your venue

The size of your venue and how many guests you are able to host are also key factors to consider when it comes to generating income from your permanent tipi wedding venue. To launch an attractive outdoor wedding and events offering, we recommend investing initially in a minimum of two Big Hats joined together by a Tipi Link. This will allow you to accommodate weddings of 80-120 guests seated. The more Big Hats, the larger the events you can host, and therefore the more revenue you can expect. With four Big Hats, for example, you can accommodate up to 200 guests seated!

Occupancy rates

Establishing your occupancy rates is also crucial when looking to maximise revenue from your permanent tipi wedding venue. Consider how many nights a week you want to rent out the tipi space. Will you be renting the space nightly for a quicker turnaround after every event, or will you be looking for a full weekend rent or putting a minimal rental time in place of three nights for example.

To enhance cost-effectiveness, strategic approaches can and should be employed. Utilising the space for multiple events, implementing eco-friendly practices, and investing in superior-quality event tipis with a durable and weather-resistant tipi tent canvas, all contribute to long-term sustainability and profitability. 

Expanding your offering

The potential for profit doesn’t stop at the venue hire and occupancy rates; there are additional revenue streams to explore when it comes to running a tipi wedding venue. Hosting your own on-site bar for example can boost your income from events by a considerable margin, as beverages are another major wedding expense. Adding a Catering Tent to your tipi formation and partnering with a preferred caterer enables you to charge a commission that can also add to your bottom line without taking on food preparation and service responsibilities. And of course, introducing glamping tents for guests can turn your venue into a full-service wedding destination, with a honeymoon tipi waiting for the bride and groom on site!

The versatility of outdoor spaces like our event tipis allows for a wide range of events beyond weddings, such as corporate functions and parties. By establishing catering partnerships with local businesses, you can create additional income streams while providing a seamless experience for your customers. Offering supplementary services like event planning, floral arrangements, or photography within the package can also contribute to your overall profit.

Diversifying your offering will ensure you maximise your venue’s potential. Not only do you enhance the guest experience but you also maximise their spend at your business. With more additions and options available to the happy couple, you are making your tipi wedding venue a sought-after choice when planning their big day.

Helping you learn how to start an outdoor wedding venue business

The cost-effectiveness of outdoor weddings for couples, combined with strategic business operations, can result in a profitable venture that caters to the increasing demand for unique and personalised wedding experiences. At The Tipi Company, we are committed to providing not just fantastic outdoor venues but an enchanting canvas for unforgettable celebrations, underlining the financial viability of permanent tipi wedding venues in the UK. 

For more information on our tipis, the types we have available, and how they can transform your business, get in contact with the team at The Tipi Company.