Obtaining Planning Permission For Your Business

Setting up an interesting outdoor space with a tipi from The Tipi Company is a great way of enhancing your business. Did you know, though, that you may require planning permission in order to erect a tipi in your outdoor space? Continue reading to gain help with planning permission for your business and to learn about how we work with The Rural Planning Co to provide planning advice and support.

Do you need planning permission?

So, you’re thinking of erecting a tipi at your business and making the most of the outdoor space you have available. Do you need planning permission? When applying for planning permission for tipis, it’s important to know that there are a wide number of factors to consider. At The Tipi Company, we’ve partnered with The Rural Planning Co to help you navigate the whole planning permission process.

Temporary structures have their own grey blurring line in terms of building regulations. This can depend on your local council and their specifications. Typically, though, you’ll need temporary structure planning permission if your outdoor structure is more than 100 metres squared. Also, you’ll need rural planning permission for outdoor events if the temporary structure is in place for more than 28 days. However, permission isn’t required if you’re erecting a tipi that doesn’t fall into either, or both, of these categories.

There are other factors that would require planning permission, though, such as, if the structure takes up more than 25% of the outdoor land, or if it’s an extension and will increase the building’s size by over 25%.

Planning permission is also required if the tipi comes within five metres of the site’s boundary, and if the amount of land that’s available for parking is reduced a significant amount.

Despite planning permission providing a potential obstacle for your business, it is a lot cheaper to erect a temporary structure like a tipi for around £70,000 than build a permanent extension for around £300,000.

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Help with planning permission

If you’re confused about what type of planning permission you need, or you need any help with planning permission for your business, The Tipi Company can lend a helping hand. As the best tipi business in the UK, we’re proud to help all of our customers with planning permission and whatever else you need.

We have recently started working with a fantastic rural planning consultancy company called The Rural Planning Company. This fantastic company provides help with navigating planning permission for your business, working with 30 local authorities to help rural businesses launch. They work with glamping sites, farm shops, rural retail, play barns, forest schools and wedding venues nationally.

They consult with their clients on what is going to be impacted by their new business, including neighbours, access, noise, animals, and so on. They will then feed back on different scenarios.

What can The Rural Planning Co do for you?

If your project is straightforward and it’s recommended that you make a planning application, you will be provided with clear and written timescales, costs and what you can expect of the process. If it’s recommended that your project sadly wouldn’t get planning permission, your planning consultant will suggest alternatives.

The Rural Planning Company likes to work as a team. Your project manager will be your principal point of contact but there will also be a planning assistant and planning coordinator that work on your behalf.

How can you go about getting help with planning permission from The Rural Planning Company? First, book for a free consultation with one of their experienced planning consultants. After the consultation, your planner will recommend one of the following options:

  • The proposal is acceptable and is achievable
  • More research is required to assess more details
  • The local planning authority will need to be consulted for their view
  • The recommendation is that you do not proceed because planning consent would not be achievable

Help with planning permission at The Tipi Company

If you’re a business that has an outdoor space that you’d like to take advantage of and you need help with planning permission, you should seek assistance from ourselves and The Rural Planning Company. 

Also, for any outdoor events and ideas, The Tipi Company has you covered! To find out about the many different tipis available, get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today on 01204 860 738 or email us at info@thetipicompany.com.