Our Canvas Colour Options: Sand, Forest and Mocha

Our tipi canvas material comes in a range of different colour options for you to choose from, giving you the freedom to customise your tipi colour to your tastes and its surrounding environment. Our three striking colourways – Sand, Forest and Mocha, are sure to impress you. So, if you’re looking for a tipi in a pleasant shade, such as a green outdoor tipi or a beige tipi tent, we’re bound to have something for you at The Tipi Company.

Our range of tipi colour

Our tipi tents are used in a variety of businesses due to their practical use and aesthetically pleasing nature. From glamping to hospitality, the uses for our tipis are vast. As such, it’s all the more important that they are available in a range of colours to suit different needs.

By far, our most popular colour of tipi is our ‘Sand’ colourway, which is a beautiful and deep shade of beige. Our beige tipis in ‘Sand’ are used across a range of uses due to their universal appeal in their hue. From use as venues to zoos and theme parks, our ‘Sand’ tipis are our best seller for a reason. The beige colour is a soothing shade that is bold enough to stand out but not become overpowering. The perfect shade for just about any occasion or scenario.

sand tipi

However, if you would prefer to switch it up and opt for a different hue of tipi canvas material, we have two new alternative colourways of tipi tent canvas that are becoming incredibly popular amongst our clients.

Looking for something a bit more tree-mendous? Our ‘Forest’ and ‘Mocha’ tipis are great for use if your tipi is going to be used within a forest setting to match the woodland aesthetic. Of course you’ll want your tipi to match its environment, so choose one of these brown or green tipis if you would like your tipi to not appear disparate and blend into its surroundings.

Green Tipi

Most importantly, however, is that your tipi is as practical as it is nice-looking. Our tipi canvas material used across our green tipis and beige tipi tents is durable outdoor fabric that is built to stand the test of time. To make our tents suitable for use all year round in a variety of weather conditions, our tipis’ fabric is made to be moisture-regulating, weather resistant, and highly waterproof.

In terms of colour, we want you to be using a product that you know will look pleasing but will remain this way for time to come. Therefore, our tipis are built to be colourfast, sun-protective, and are complete with a non-fouling finish so that your tipis colour will not fade away and will remain for a long time to come.

Use in classrooms

Particularly, we find that colour is notably important when it comes to use within education as an outdoor classroom. Not only is it important for a classroom tent to be functional as a learning environment, but these must be visually appealing to fully engage with children.

As a result, our tipi colour range is ideal to take your pick from. Though our ‘Sand’ coloured tipis are always a favourite, perhaps a ‘Forest’ or ‘Mocha’ colour may be more enticing. If you have a rural or woodland area within the school environment, then choosing green outdoor tipi canvas material could be just what you need. Matching the colours up with their surroundings will make the tipis more visually appealing and therefore a more engaging and stimulating environment for children to learn in as a result.

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A range of tipi colours with The Tipi Company

If you’re looking for a tipi for use in your business that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical, our high-quality and durable tipis are the perfect option for you.

To find out about the many different tipi tents for sale available, get in touch to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today at 01204 860 738 or email us at info@thetipicompany.com.