Planning Permission Guidance: How We Can Help

Taking advantage of your outdoor space is a great idea to increase profits and interest in your business. Tipis are a great way of utilising your outdoor space, especially if you’re a party venue that hosts weddings and conferences. They’re also perfect for restaurants and bars to provide outdoor cover and seating, but do you need planning permission for a temporary structure? This is a question that troubles many business owners. Continue reading to find out about temporary structure planning permission and how it may impact your business.

Do I need planning permission for a wedding venue?

Gaining planning permission for outdoor events, such as wedding venues, can be confusing at times, especially when applying for planning permission for tipis. So, do you need planning permission for a temporary structure? There is a wide number of factors to consider first. You need temporary structure planning permission if your outdoor structure is more than 100 metres squared. Additionally, you will need planning permission for outdoor events if the temporary structure is in place for more than 28 days. However, permission isn’t required if you’re erecting a tipi that doesn’t fall into either, or both, of these categories.

There are other factors that would require planning permission, though. They are:

  • If the structure takes up more than 25% of the available land
  • If the structure is an extension and will increase the size of the building by over 25%
  • If the structure will come within five metres of your site’s boundary
  • If the amount of land available for parking and vehicle use is reduced by a significant amount

If you’re planning on having permanent outdoor shade structures, like tipis, at your wedding venue, we advise you contact your local council before any work begins. The rules around temporary structure planning permission are not always clear and can change from area to area. Also, starting the planning permission process as early as possible can save you time, money and resources in the long run.

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Temporary structure planning permission

As well as contacting your local council for advice, you can also speak to a highly-qualified consultant. The Tipi Company has been working with an expert planning consultancy called The Rural Planning Company, which enables us to offer our clients the best advice available to help them succeed with their outdoor tipi business.

The Rural Planning Company works with 30 local authorities to help rural businesses launch. They work with glamping sites, farm shops, rural retail, play barns, forest schools and wedding venues nationwide.

So if you’re looking for advice on temporary structure planning permission, please get in contact with The Rural Planning Co directly or our friendly Sales Team would be more than happy to help.

What can temporary structures be used for?

From our years of working with tipis, we know that many hospitality venues use a lot of different temporary structures. These temporary structures are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Accommodation (glamping)
  • Storage
  • Events (weddings and parties)
  • Shelter or provisions for workers
  • Industrial purposes

How long does planning permission take?

Planning permission for temporary structure can take time so a level of patience is required as some can take between eight and 12 weeks. We advise that you get in touch with The Rural Planning Co as soon as possible so that their expert advice can help you overcome any hurdles that may arise along the way, and any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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