The Best Light Options For Your Tipi

Tipis are unique, versatile, and inviting structures that can be used for a range of different occasions. But what sets a tipi apart from all other temporary structures on the market? We think its the warm glow as the sun sets, the twinkly lights as guests gather on the dancefloor, and the endless possibilities of transforming it into a unique outdoor event space, totally personable for every client. 

Whether your tipis are used as a wedding venue, party space or drinks reception area, to ensure they are offering the best experience to your guests, it is essential to enhance the functionality and ambience of the space, especially with your choice of lighting. 

Here at The Tipi Company, we are excited to announce our partnership with the UK’s No.1 trusted lighting and electrical supplier for the events industry – Essential Supplies. For 25 years they have been transforming tipis with the use of their clever lighting options. Fairy lights, apex lighting, and uplighters, to name a few, provide everything you need to create the wow factor within our event tipis

What are the best lights for tipi tents?

From lighting up the inside of the tipi with fairy lights, pan cans, and uplighters, to illuminating safe pathways and service areas, you can transform your guests’ experience by finding the best lights for tipi tents. In this guide, our experts here at The Tipi Company have pulled together everything you need to know when selecting the best lights for your tipi and achieving your lighting goals. 

Whilst tipis are versatile structures that look great in a range of different environments, having the best light options for your tipi can make all the difference. 

Fairy lights

The go-to lighting option for many of our clients is fairy lights. With their tiny bulbs, these ambient lights create a warm and welcoming environment that transforms the tipi from day to night in the most magical way. Using 9 strips of fairy lights, you can run each one down every main tipi pole in the structure to create a twinkling lighting effect. They are connected together at the top of the framework using a ring connector, which makes them easy to replace should one fairy strip fail. 

fairy light tent

Festoon lights

Festoon bulb lights are a great option for lighting up the exterior edge of your tipi. By running festoons along the edge of the tipi mudwall and attaching the wire at each D-ring point using small clear cable ties, the whole front of the tipi structure looks fantastic, especially at nighttime. Having seen a surge in popularity in recent years, festoon lights provide an ambient yet on-trend industrial-inspired aesthetic when used within outdoor structures.

Pathway lighting

No matter what venue type your tipi is, it’s important that you effectively illuminate the pathways to ensure accessibility and safety for those entering and leaving. Here pathway festoon lights can play an important role, running alongside either side of the pathway and leading the way to your outdoor event space. 

Pathway festoons can be easily held in position at either waist or head height, using long shepherd’s crooks, or wooden posts.

Coloured uplighters

Another popular tipi lighting option is uplighters. Positioned at ground level and linked together in a daisy-chain method, they effectively change the mood and ambience within the tipis at the flick of a switch. We all know that decor is everything, especially if you’re using your tipi for hospitality, and using decorative uplighters is a great way to enjoy versatile yet aesthetically pleasing lighting.

Mirror ball

If your tipi business is likely to be used for dancing and partying purposes then a mirror ball could be a fantastic option for creating that sought-after dance floor effect. Hanging a mirror ball with a safety wire, from the top of the central crown allows you to reflect any lights off it with ease, creating a shimmering display.

Three spot lights will need to be affixed from the purlin beams and pointed upwards towards the central mirror ball. Using these spotlights will ensure the mirror ball transforms the dance floor into another world as your guests dance the night away.

Disco ball

There are a lot of options available to you when it comes to choosing the best lights for tipi tents, so don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our Tipi Experts for further guidance on what lighting is suitable for your formation.