The perfect temporary venue while you refurbish your main building

Are you refurbishing your hospitality venue and looking for a short-term solution to keep your business trading? The Tipi Company can install giant event tipis at your site so that your business can continue as usual, but with a fresh offering, enticing customers to come and enjoy new surroundings!

Keep staff employed and the revenue incoming by investing in one, two, or three Big Hats Tipis, depending on your footfall and available space. Our expert Installation Team can install the tipis at any location at the beginning of the period, and once works are complete they can de-rig and move to another site should you wish to do so. Alternatively, you can keep the tipis up indefinitely as an outdoor event space.

Dukes 92, a popular restaurant and bar in the heart of Castlefield, Manchester, is one of our hospitality clients who did just that.

Dukes 92 Two Big Hat Tipis

Dukes 92

While their refurbishment took 6 months to complete, Dukes 92  moved their trade outside from January to June into tipis built on their courtyard. As The Tipi Company proudly operates as a British manufacturer, our factories are conveniently located right where our headquarters are. This advantageous setup allows us to collaborate closely with clients and fulfil their bespoke design, ensuring that their tipi formations are genuinely one-of-a-kind and perfectly tailored to their specific needs. Our clients at Dukes 92 requested two elements to make this formation their own, three extra windows and they chose to have the Panoramic Window Kit changed into tipi canvas. Firstly, two Big Hats were installed on their hard-standing courtyard with one of our Anchorage solutions – designs of which are totally unique to us. Complete with Enhancement Kit A and a Panoramic Kit made from tipi canvas as the side of the restaurant was a building site , the three extra windows were sewn into the side of one of the Big Hats to allow extra natural light into the space. Inside, they launched a simple Pizza menu, all cooked inside the tipis with a wood-burning pizza oven. While at the other end, the panoramic kit in canvas housed the rustic bar area. This clever arrangement not only maximised the internal headroom but also optimised the available floor space, creating an inviting ambience where guests could enjoy mouth-watering pizzas while enjoying their favourite drinks in a cosy and picturesque setting. Dukes 92 decorated the interior of their tipi structure with English country pub furniture which enhanced the ambience and created a welcoming atmosphere. Needless to say, the response from customers was overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the consistent footfall observed throughout the refurbishment months.

Your tipi

A tipi from The Tipi Company can truly transform your outdoor space and hospitality offering.  Additionally, a tipi provides an exciting solution to keeping your business operational during a refurbishment. Due to the quirky nature of a tipi, you may find it creates a buzz around your restaurant or bar and encourages footfall.

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