Vertical Gardens: Case Study

In the hustle and bustle of educational settings, where the demands and expectations on students and teachers are becoming heightened, it’s crucial to carve out moments for creativity, and relaxation, and to spend 5 minutes to simply be. In the mission to ensure students and teachers are healthier and happier individuals, our clients have found the perfect solution: blending the magic of tipis with the peacefulness of vertical gardens. 

At The Tipi Company, we believe that creating inviting outdoor spaces is essential for improving mental health, reducing stress, and nurturing the well-being of students and staff alike.

22 Street Nursery - Forest Canvas

The importance of outdoor spaces

With academic life often weighing heavily on children and young adults in school, offering spaces that can provide tranquillity and some quiet time is becoming increasingly important. It’s no big secret that being outdoors can soothe even the most stressed-out individuals, so why not integrate this into educational settings? Research shows that spending time outside, especially in a natural environment, can work wonders for our mental health; reducing stress, elevating our mood, and positively impacting our overall well-being.

Here’s where our tipis come into play. These fantastic outdoor spaces offer a unique blend of shelter and connection to nature. Their cone shape allows for an alignment with the environment, and they’re perfect for creating inviting outdoor classroom structures where students and staff can escape the daily grind.

The unison between tipis and vertical gardens

Outdoor spaces offer huge advantages in enhancing children’s learning experiences. However, many schools and nurseries often struggle with restricted space in outdoor areas. An innovative solution to this challenge involves integrating tipis with vertical gardens. This approach provides a sheltered outdoor structure distinct from traditional classrooms whilst optimising available space to incorporate greenery and natural elements.

At 22 Street Lane Nursery, a shining example of this innovative approach to outdoor spaces, a giant tipi now stands proudly in the midst of a vibrant vertical garden. The result? A sanctuary of greenery that provides not only a respite from educational life but also a nurturing environment for young minds.

Case study: 22 Street Lane Nursery

Located in the heart of Yorkshire, 22 Street Lane Nursery faced the common challenge of limited outdoor space. Yet, they recognised the immense benefits of outdoor engagement for their children. That’s when they decided to partner with our team here at The Tipi Company to introduce a giant tipi into their garden area.

Within the tipi’s spacious interior, children found a welcoming space where they could explore their imagination, read books, or simply chat with friends. The tipi’s wooden framework and open design have created a seamless connection to the outdoor environment, allowing for a sense of wonder and curiosity. It also served as an ideal setting for outdoor lessons, blending the classroom with nature.

Surrounding the tipi, a vertical garden is alive with vibrant colours. The combination of greenery and the tipi’s relaxing ambience transformed this once-overlooked corner of the nursery garden into a bustling hub of creativity and relaxation. Teachers and students alike reported reduced stress levels and increased focus during outdoor lessons.

But that’s not all. The combination of the tipi and vertical garden had practical benefits too. It efficiently utilised the limited space available, ensuring that every square inch of the nursery’s grounds was put to good use. Furthermore, it reduced outside noise, creating a peaceful and enclosed environment where children could learn and play without distractions.

Tipis from The Tipi Company

With so many pressures and expectations within the educational space, it’s important to provide children and staff with some calming spaces to help get the creative juices flowing. The introduction of tipis and vertical gardens, as exemplified by 22 Street Lane Nursery, offers a brilliant solution to these needs. It promotes mental health, optimises limited space, and creates a tranquil haven amidst the daily chaos.

At The Tipi Company, we’re passionate about enhancing educational spaces and nurturing the well-being of students and educators. By combining the allure of tipis with the serenity of vertical gardens, we invite you to create outdoor retreats that will leave a lasting impact on young minds. 

Our range of handmade tipis is designed specifically for your purpose, meaning you’ll be guaranteed to find the right outdoor tipi for your application. Alongside this, we also offer permanent tipi installation support, meaning we are always on hand to offer ongoing support to our customers to ensure their investment is well looked after for many years.

Interested in knowing more about our range of tipis for educational settings? Contact us today and transform your school’s outdoor space into a haven of creativity and relaxation.