Which Tipi is Suitable for 100 People?

At The Tipi Company, our experienced Sales Team often gets asked what tipi formation is perfect for a 100 guest wedding venue. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure we design a stunning formation of Big Hat Tipis to meet their needs and expectations, to maximise space, revenue and bookings.

Party venues for 100 guests

When launching an outdoor party venue for 100 guests or more at your site, there are a few things you must consider:

  • Size of outdoor space available 
  • How many people you want on your site 
  • What budget have you set aside for this investment
  • At what time of the year do you want to offer events within the tipis

Size of Outdoor Space available

If you want a 100 guests wedding venue then you have four configurations to choose from that vary in size. Before chatting with our Sales Team it would be beneficial to find out if you have any size restrictions so that our recommendations for your party venue or wedding venue for 150 guests will be suitable for your site:

  • 2 Big Hats                                                 measuring 21m width, 10.3m depth*
  • 2 Big Hats & 1 Midi Hat                          measuring 30m width, 12m depth*
  • 3 Big Hats in a line                                  measuring 32m width, 12m depth*
  • 3 Big Hats in a triangle                           measuring 21m width, 21m depth*


*Please note that the addition of an Enhancement Kit, Panoramic Window Kit, Catering Tent or Ballast options will increase these dimensions. Contact a member of our Sales team for more information.

100 guest wedding venue

How many people do you want on your site?

Some of our outdoor tipi wedding venues want to keep their offering to smaller numbers of 80 – 100 guests. This can be due to a whole host of reasons but it is worth you discussing with your team exactly how many people you want to be visiting your site on a weekly and even daily basis. You need to ask yourself, do you have the below requirements for a party venue for 100 guests, or even a wedding venue for 150 guests, then you must especially think through the logistics of the below necessities:

  • Adequate car parking, 
  • Toilet facilities, 
  • Large enough Catering tent 
  • Drinks reception area

Your investment

Here at The Tipi Company, we pride ourselves on being a British Manufacturer of large event tipis that are quality-made, right here in Britain. As such, you will be making a long-term investment into the highest-quality outdoor events space on the market. 

To give you indicative costings, our wedding tipis for sale and party venue applicable tipis are priced at £11,545, while our Midi Hats are £10,545. They are linked together using our Link Kits, while Enhancement Kits can be added to create the wow factor at the entrance. All our prices are listed in our brochure and our Sales Team would be more than happy to pull together an itemised quotation for your 100 guest wedding venue.

If your business is looking for an outdoor structure with a roof, our tipis are the perfect solution. Whilst they may not have a traditional roof, they provide excellent cover from the elements thanks to our canvas’ waterproof and weather-resistant qualities. 

Year-round solution

The Tipi Company was the first to launch a range of Enhancement Kits suitable for tipis, thus transforming them into the perfect all-year-round party venue for 100 guests. Our canvas is inherently water-resistant and flame-retardant, ensuring it is weatherproofed for all seasons. Enjoy the best of both worlds by rolling up the windows in our Enhancements Kit during the summer, and securing them down once the temperature drops later on in the evening. 

Choosing a tipi formation from The Tipi Company is a brilliant choice for venues for 100 guests as they provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative that can be customised to meet your personal tastes. They are ideal for various scenarios due to their ease of accommodating large numbers of people. Specifically, they make for great party spaces and a 100-guest wedding venue.

Large-scale venues at The Tipi Company

If you require a 100-guest wedding venue, our Big Hat tipis provide the perfect space that are as impressive as they are practical. With their large capacity that can be increased to accommodate any number of people you are planning an event for, they are ideal as party venues for 100 guests or more! 

To find out about the many different tipis that are available and our tipi extension options, get in touch to discover our diverse set of options. Contact us today at 01204 860 738 or email us at info@thetipicompany.com.