Why Tipi Tent Walls Are Essential for Winter Outdoor Events

Here at The Tipi Company, we’ve been a seasoned player in the field of outdoor event structures since 1983. Our tipis aren’t just any tents; they’re versatile, designed to look aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to any season. We’re here to show you that with the right tipi enhancements, our tipis can shine all year round, even during the frosty winter months. 

Let’s dive into the magical world of tipis, focusing on the essential accessory to enhance your tipi for winter events: tipi tent walls.

Infrared Heaters

The all-season appeal of tipi tents

What sets us apart here at The Tipi Company is our commitment to customisation. We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke tipi design and unique solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re running a wedding venue, managing a hotel event, or curating outdoor educational spaces, our tipi structures are designed to adapt to your business. As the demand for year-round outdoor events continues to grow, event tipis are emerging as a superb choice for event hosting, offering a world of possibilities for your business.

In recent years, the demand for year-round outdoor events has been on the rise. And it’s no surprise. Hosting events during the colder months can be a lucrative business opportunity. Imagine transforming your outdoor space into a winter wonderland – an enchanting, dreamy backdrop for weddings, parties, and corporate get-togethers.

The challenge of colder weather

While it’s true that winter events are magical, they also come with unique challenges. Cold temperatures, unpredictable rain, and strong winds can put a damper on the party. The key to hosting successful events during the winter season lies in effective solutions to ensure both guest comfort and event success. That’s where a tipi for winter events comes in. But how can you ensure your tipi is fully adapted to thrive in harsher weather conditions? Here at The Tipi Company, we provide a variety of tipi enhancement kits specifically designed to create a winter haven within your tipi so that your guests will remain warm and dry, and you’ll be free from worrying about the weather forecast.

Enhancing your tipi for winter events

The versatility of tipi tent walls

Tipi tent side walls are the unsung heroes of your tipi set-up. They can work wonders in transforming your tipi into a cosy, weather-resistant event space. And, what’s even better, they are super easy to add or remove so you can adapt your space depending on your seasonal needs.

When it’s winter, these side walls provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping the chilly air away to keep your guests warm. This means that your guests can enjoy themselves in a warm and inviting atmosphere, no matter how cold it gets outside. Plus, they serve as a windbreak, protecting your event from those winter breezes. When the weather warms up, simply remove them, and your tipi is ready for those summery garden parties.

Tipi flooring

You don’t want your guests to be trudging through mud or cold ground when walking about your outdoor event space. Our flooring options provide a clean and comfortable surface for dancing, dining, and mingling. 

Our most popular choice for all long-term winter installations is a raised wooden base, for the tipis to affix to. This will ensure all rain runs down the side of the canvas, down and away from the structure, while keeping the inside of the space dry and rain-resistant.

Our professional Installation Team can install not only the tipis but the raised wooden base too, so you don’t have to lift a finger!


The secret to a cosy winter event is the right tipi heating solution. We offer a range of options, from stylish wood-burning stoves from SaltFire Stoves to powerful Indirect Fan Heaters from Thermobile. Imagine your guests gathered around a roaring fire, enjoying the event space and celebrating in style.

Benefits of investing in winter-ready tipis

Now, let’s discuss the many benefits of investing in a Tipi from The Tipi Company with winter-ready features:

  • Year-round revenue: The most obvious benefit is the potential for year-round bookings. Winter events can be just as popular as summer ones, and this means more revenue for your business. Think about all those Christmas parties you’re missing out on hosting!
  • Wider client base: By offering winter event options, you open your doors to a broader range of clients. From couples seeking a snowy wedding wonderland to businesses planning unique staff parties, your tipi can cater to a wide range of occasions.
  • Repeat business: Satisfied clients are more likely to return, which means long-term success for your business. Create a memorable winter event experience such as a Santa’s Grotto, and you’ll have families returning year after year. Word-of-mouth recommendations are also a big driver for future success!

Tipis for winter events from The Tipi Company

If you’re considering investing in a tipi for your outdoor event space, remember that it’s not just a fair-weather option. With the right enhancements, our tipis can host enchanting winter events that leave a lasting impression.

But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to check out our customer stories to see some of the incredible projects we’ve worked on for clients who’ve transformed their spaces into winter event spaces.

Ready to make your tipi winter ready? Get in touch with our team, and let’s make your winter event dreams come true. At The Tipi Company, we’re here to help you create memorable moments, no matter the season.