Site Visit Form

The site visit is for us to meet face to face, appreciate your surroundings and tailor our quote to your venue.

During the visit we will assess and measure your site and identify any obstacles that we may need to work around. The most important part of this assessment is to understand the run of your ground as it is essential to have a level surface to build from. If your grounds are uneven/sloping, then they will require levelling by either landscaping or installing a ‘raised’ timber flooring.

If you have a contractor that will level off the ground for the tipi installation, then our sales representative will be able to complete the survey and finalise the quotation with you. If, however you decide that landscaping is not an option and you require The Tipi Company to install a raised wooden flooring, then we will need to confirm the extra costs involved.

Please note that if we find that your ground is severely sloping, or the site is more complex than originally noted, then a further survey may be required by a member of our experienced installation team. This further survey would be chargeable.