Introducing…our Baby Tipi: The Perfect Versatile Venue

Our Baby Tipi is one of our favourite tipis from our range with its smaller diameter and versatility for fitting into tighter spaces. Though titled ‘Baby’, don’t underestimate the Baby Tipi’s impact, as this tipi tent offers room for numerous people. If you’re looking for an outdoor structure for glamping, an outdoor classroom or a space to host intimate dinner parties, the Baby Tipi is the perfect choice. Continue reading to find out more about the Baby Tipi’s impressive features and various uses.

Baby Tipi
Mellor Primary School

The Baby Tipi - a British-built, high-quality tipi tent

Our Baby Tipi is a tipi tent that provides the ideal small space for gatherings such as intimate dinners or children’s parties, should you be looking for a structure for private use. Alternatively the Baby Tipi is a popular choice amongst the Educational sector, in nurseries, forestry schools and colleges, and also the Glamping sector. 

Both practical and beautifully designed, the Baby Tipi is able to accommodate a good amount of people with 10-15 people standing, 12 seated, or 4 sleeping. With a diameter of 6.5m and a total height of 4.5m, you will find a surprisingly large amount of space within the Baby Tipi. As a result of its accommodating nature and proportions, it is ideal for use as a hospitality tent.

We offer a full Installation service for all our tipis at permanent sites, and more often than not, a Baby Tipi Entrance Porch is recommended for a more formal weatherproofed entrance into the tipi. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tent to use for temporary events, the Baby Tipi can be built on soft-standing ground in less than 45 minutes. 

If you are looking for a tent with a porch area or a tent with a reception layout, our Baby Tipi is able to accommodate this with a Baby Tipi Entrance Porch. 

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What can the Baby Tipi be used for?

Due to its convenient size and ease of assembly, the Baby Tipi UK is a great choice for a vast range of uses. Take a look below to see just a few of the ways our Baby Tipi can be used:


Thinking of starting up a glamping business? Our Baby Tipis are ideal for use as accommodation for 2-4 people and make for a cosy and unique night’s stay away. We can custom link Baby Tipis to shower & toilet pods, or to other Baby Tipis to create a larger space, so the possibilities are endless. 

Add twinkling fairy lights, a king size bed and a wood-fired burner to transform the space into a stunning accommodation. 

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Suitable for class sizes of up to 30 primary school or nursery children, the Baby Tipi is both a practical and inspirational outdoor covered space. Perfect as a central feature of a forestry school, Learning Outside The Classroom initiative, or SENS space, the Baby Tipi is  simultaneously fun and educational. There are plenty of benefits of outdoor learning, so use a Baby Tipi to enhance your pupil’s learning and development.

Mellor Primary School

Children’s parties

If you are in search of tents to rent out for outdoor parties, the Baby Tipi is ideal as a temporary space if you are looking for a convenient and unique space for children. Taking just 45 minutes to build for a short-term event, the Baby Tipi is just the right size for groups of children to play around and let their imaginations run wild, and as a result, is one of our best tents for outdoor entertaining.

Marquee hire

If you have been thinking about setting up a tipi hire or marquee hire business, starting out with a Baby Tipi is an ideal way to get started. Being applicable for a range of outdoor activities, events and parties, your business is sure to have great success with our finely built tipis. If you are an existing marquee company, then you can use our Baby Tipis for use as breakout or children space at a wedding  and can easily be constructed to run alongside your existing fleet of marquees.

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