Marketing Tips for a Permanent Tipi Wedding Venue

As part of our tipi wedding venue series, we have previously guided you on planning permission for a tipi wedding venue, have advised on the health and safety considerations for a tipi wedding venue, and have looked at how to start an outdoor wedding venue business successfully. So, what’s next? This article will delve into the art of how to market a wedding venue, in particular, you guessed it – a tipi wedding venue. 

Much like all of the other considerations when it comes to launching and running a successful outdoor wedding venue, planning is key. And so, having a good marketing strategy in place, with a clear brand vision in mind, is essential to ensure all your hard work in launching your tipi business doesn’t go unnoticed.

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How to market a wedding venue

Event tipis offer an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and functional design, providing a spacious yet magical setting that can be customised to fit any vision or size. The robust structure of tipis from The Tipi Company ensures that your newlyweds can celebrate in various weather conditions, offering an all-season wedding venue option.

You have everything in place, planning permission signed off, Tipi Enhancements installed, and you’re ready to go. But how are you going to tell the world out there about your new business? Keep on reading for our top tips for how to market your wedding venue.

Design an attractive website

In this day and age, the vast majority of engaged couples will be searching for their dream wedding destination online. In this way, it is essential that you set up an attractive website with a solid SEO strategy to ensure you are appearing in search results for said couples, leading to more exposure and more high-quality leads.

Develop a social media strategy

When looking at how to market your wedding venue, social media platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and in particular Pinterest, should be considered as vital components of your marketing strategy. Prospective brides and grooms often turn to these platforms for inspiration, therefore developing a solid social media strategy where you are consistently providing them with visually appealing imagery of your bespoke tipi design and ideas for their wedding mood boards can in turn lead to bookings for your venue. Whatever you do, make sure you’re linking back to your fancy, optimised website as much as possible!

Spend money on online ad

As well as developing an organic social media strategy, you should also look to strategise paid efforts. Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ads allow you to narrow down your target audience through interests, demographics, and behaviours so that your ads will only appear to people actively interested in the process of planning a wedding. As a channel, it is great for brand awareness and it’s an affordable option as you can spend as little or as much as you like.

You should also look at investing in Google Ads. Search queries for outdoor weddings increase drastically between March – September, so it’s best to increase your spend on ads during these months as these are considered peak times in the industry. However, we would still recommend keeping activity live throughout the quieter months of the year to capitalise on any traffic but with a reduced budget.

Creating a wedding brochure for your tipi wedding venue

A visually stunning brochure with lots of images of your tipi venue in all its glory, with the tipi interior decorated to the nines and filled with happy guests, can really help to paint the picture and seal the deal with prospective couples. Include potential floorplans for your venue so that customers can visualise where their guests will sit. Remember all of our new clients receive our Tipi Marketing Pack which includes a huge amount of photos that you can use on your website until you have photographs taken of your site. 

Have it downloadable on your website where the client inputs their name, email and wedding date into an online form. This can then automatically be added to an email list on Mailchimp!

Host an Open Weekend

To launch your tipi venue to the wedding market, and to gather great images for your website, organise your first Open Weekend. Collaborate with local suppliers such as photographers, florists, caterers, bands, stationary suppliers. Remember that each one of these suppliers will have their own contacts, and are the best people to refer your venue, so you want them on your side! You can then invite prospective clients to have “A Taste of the Tipi” at your own site, using an a website such as Eventbrite to run your guestlist so that you have an idea of numbers for the weekend. 

We recommend you host a number of Open Weekends / Tipi Showcases throughout the year to invite prospective clients down to the venue with appointments made throughout the day for 1-2-1 Consultations. This will ensure all brides & grooms have their “special” time with you and no-one feels rushed. 

Have a virtual tour filmed

Most couples will want to visit venues in person as they decide on where to choose, but the unpredictable British weather can mean that they may be visiting on a day when the rain is pouring and the skies are grey. Set against this kind of dismal backdrop, it can be difficult to envisage just how spectacular their wedding day could look. 

When you have your Open Weekend at your tipi venue, arrange for a virtual tour company – such as Apollo 3D – to come down to site to film a stunning walk-through tour. This can then be uploaded to your website and shared with potential clients to help them tour through the tipis at their leisure. 

Marketing your permanent tipi wedding venue

In all of your marketing, remember to stay true to your venue’s style and to market to couples who fit with that style (festival, boho, high-end, eco, etc.) It can be tempting to target all audiences to gain the most amount of business, but actually maintaining a clear identity and style will make your venue far more attractive to couples – and it means you’ll be working with people you really gel with.

Build a reputation

Once you are up and running, remember that reviews and customer testimonials are key to building your reputation. With the venue taking up a significant portion of a couple’s overall budget, it’s no surprise that they will be cautious about where they are spending their cash. With this in mind, reviews and testimonials are increasingly important factors couples consider when deciding which vendors to explore while planning their big day. As well as making sure you’re listed on sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Business Profile so you can easily garner fantastic reviews, you should also consider adding a page to your website dedicated solely to customer testimonials, helping to boost your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and bolster your business. 

We also recommend you ask all your clients to share photos of their big day and give permission for you to use them across your social channels and as case studies on your website. Images speak a thousand words, so in-action shots of parties at your outdoor wedding venue will be crucial to creating a great reputation.

Here at The Tipi Company, we are here to help you, every step of the way. We build more than tipis, we help build businesses. For more information on our tipis, the types we have available, and how they can transform your business, get in contact with the team at The Tipi Company.