Planning Permission for a Permanent Tipi Wedding Venue

The wedding industry in the UK has seen a big shift towards more personalised and unique experiences, moving away from the traditional church wedding ceremonies and function room celebrations. The rustic, natural aesthetic wedding stands out for its timeless appeal and the versatility of the venues. Creating an outdoor event space within a tipi creates a quintessential venue for couples looking to capture the essence of rustic elegance.

Event tipis offer an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and functional design, providing a spacious yet magical setting that can be customised to fit any vision or size. The robust structure of tipis from The Tipi Company ensures that your newlyweds can celebrate in various weather conditions, offering an all-season wedding venue option.

Key considerations for permanent tipi installations

Establishing a permanent outdoor shade structure as a wedding venue comes with its own set of challenges, chief among them being planning permission. Historically, the UK supports ventures that contribute to the rural economy, especially as there are a huge number of grants available to support businesses to do so. Planning can be a complex process so it is important to understand the specific requirements that pertain to your property, such as size limitations, location considerations, and intended use. We would advise applying for pre-planning to gain guidance from your local planning authority on what they would like to see from the space. 

Consider the colour of your tipi too. Most of our tipis are manufactured in our Sand Beige colour, but our Forest Green or Mocha Brown may be more appropriate for your surroundings. The right colour can help a tipi blend seamlessly, and look as if it had always been there, which can be preferable for some planning committees. 

Due to the Great British weather and the conditions an outdoor structure can be subjected to, we have engineered a range of Enhancements with giant roll-up windows that are fitted along the front of the tipis. These Windows can be unzipped and rolled up in the hotter summer temperatures, whilst they can be quickly zipped down once the sun sets in the evening to create a cosy atmosphere inside.

Making sure your tipi venue meets health and safety standards

Safety should be a top priority. As a venue operator, it is up to you to ensure that your venue meets all the required health and safety standards, including fire safety and accessibility. Insurance is another critical aspect; make sure to get the necessary coverage for property, liability, and any specific requirements related to your venue.

Given the UK’s unpredictable weather, your tipi should be robust enough to withstand various conditions. At The Tipi Company, we pride ourselves on manufacturing tipis that have strong tipi wind loadings, and offer many types of Anchorage solutions, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

If you prioritise safety in your planning and operations, you not only comply with regulations but also build trust with your clients, making your venue a reliable choice for their special day and encouraging recommendations.

Maximise Revenue From Your Tipi Wedding Venue

When it comes to weddings, the venue often takes up a significant portion of a couple’s budget, sometimes accounting for more than a quarter of the total expenditure. This presents a lucrative opportunity for tipi businesses. But the potential for profit doesn’t stop at the venue hire; there are additional revenue streams to explore.

Hosting your own on-site bar can boost your income from events by a considerable margin, as beverages are another major wedding expense. Adding a catering tent to your tipi formation and partnering with a preferred caterer enables you to charge a commission that can also add to your bottom line without taking on food preparation and service responsibilities. Looking to the future, introducing glamping tents for guests can turn your venue into a full-service wedding destination, with a honeymoon tipi waiting for the bride and groom on site!

By diversifying your offerings you are maximising your venue’s potential. Not only do you enhance the guest experience but you also maximise their spend at your business. With more additions and options available to the happy couple, you are making your tipi wedding venue a sought-after choice when planning their big day.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the initial stages of launching your wedding tipi business, from gaining planning permission for a permanent wedding tipi venue, to eventually maximising your bottom line, but we at The Tipi Company are here to help you, every step of the way. We build more than tipis, we help build businesses.