Planning Permission for a Glamping Site

Glamping has been on the rise for many years now and has become the popular way to experience everything the great outdoors has to offer without sacrificing comfort. Glamping refers to a fusion of glamour and camping, and thanks to all the picturesque landscapes of the UK, is a popular activity up and down the country. 

A popular choice for glamping accommodations is event tipis, like those offered by The Tipi Company. However, setting up a glamping site isn’t just about choosing the right accommodation; it’s crucial to understand the planning permissions required. Whilst securing planning permission for a glamping site might feel overwhelming, we’ve created this guide to delve into the essentials of securing planning permission for a glamping site in the UK, highlighting the unique offerings from The Tipi Company

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Do you need planning permission for a glamping site?

Before you look at setting up a glamping business and start spending any money on your site it is important that you find out ‘do I need planning permission for a glamping site?’. The answer is almost always yes! 

First of all, the UK government allows camping and glamping sites to operate for 28 days per year without planning permission as long as restrictive development rules are followed. But if you want to lay concrete bases, install treatment plants, or open for more than 28 days a year and install a permanent tipi, then you are going to need planning permission. 

You may decide to trial your glamping site business for 28 days to see how things go. But remember that glamping does require a level of luxury and if you’re able to develop the space then you may struggle to create an environment that is required to make your glamping site a success.

Understanding planning permission

Now that you’ve established that you do need planning permission you need to get your head around the UK’s planning permission requirements. In the UK, it is necessary to get planning permission prior to erecting buildings or making significant changes to land use. This can include small changes such as installing a toilet block or shower facilities and even adding a permanent structure such as a glamping tipi. We recommend you get in touch with your local planning department to get initial advice on what will / won’t be received positively. They may even recommend you apply for pre-planning, to give you more confidence on the process and what ideas would be accepted. 

Tipis from The Tipi Company

A tipi makes a great addition to your glamping site as it adds a touch of luxury that travellers can’t get from a standard camping trip. The great thing about glamping tents for sale from The Tipi Company is that there is a range of tipi options to choose from. So no matter how big or small your glamping site is going to be, you can find the perfect tipi for your environment. 

For example, if you’re looking for accommodation for couples, or small families with 1-2 children, then our Baby Tipi is the perfect size sy 6.5m. Alternatively if you want to offer larger accommodation options for bigger families with 3-4 children, our Midi Tipi measuring 8m may be better suited to your needs.

How to obtain planning permission

Whilst the prospect of obtaining planning permission for your glamping site may sound complex, we have some top tips on how to make it easier.

Research local policies

First of all, we recommend that you check in with your local council and find out any specific requirements and restrictions that you need to know about. This information will likely be dependent on your area and which council is in charge. Make sure that you have everything you need before you apply for planning permission or this could cause delays further down the process.

Prepare your application

Once you have all the information you need you can then prepare your planning permission application for approval. It is worth spending a considerable amount of time on this as a quick or rushed application will likely be obvious to the planning permission team and may lead to your application being rejected. Be sure to include detailed plans of your site, including any changes to the use of the land and placement of any tipis to show what and where changes will be made. Our expert Sales Team can help you with any tipi guidance and advice you may need.

Consultation and Decision

Unfortunately, the planning permission process can be unpredictable and lengthy, which is why it is so important to do your research and get your application as soon as possible.  The council will consult local residents and make a decision so you should expect this process can take several weeks or months.

We’d recommend reaching out to any other local site owners who have been through the process to ask for any advice. This is also a great way to network with other business owners in the area.

Building your glamping site business

Whilst setting up a glamping site can require careful planning and adherence to local regulations, especially regarding planning permissions, it can also be a fun and profitable business adventure. By doing your research initially when looking at how to start a glamping business in the UK and choosing quality and luxury accommodations like those from The Tipi Company, you can establish a successful glamping business that attracts travellers from all over. 

Here at The Tipi Company, we are here to help you, every step of the way. We build more than tipis, we help build businesses. For more information on our tipis, the types we have available, and how we can help transform your glamping site, get in contact with the team at The Tipi Company.